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Tag: Avast issues

Fix Avast won’t open and other errors in Windows

2. Avast Causes Black Screen in Windows 10 Click on Avast icon in the taskbar and open Avast user interface. Go to Settings tab, and then to General. Go to Exclusions options, click add and add the following address to exclusions: Restart your computer. Some users also reported that installing Avast on Windows 10 caused…
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How to fix Avast Driver Updater not working [Quick Guide]

One reason for why Avast Driver Updater is not working as it should can be related with not being stalled properly. In this article we will explore the exact steps you need to take in order to fix the Avast Driver Updater not working, so make sure to keep on reading. How can I fix…
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Avast not updating virus definitions [Full Fix]

Virus definitions are not up to date – release date was invalid date This error can occur due to several reasons including corrupted installation files, a glitch in the antivirus solution or even some Windows issues. If you are also troubled by this error, here are a few troubleshooting steps to help you resolve the…
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Best Avast deals [Black Friday 2020]

In simpler terms, your physical location will be hidden from anyone that may try tracking you down, and they come in the form of a program, browser extension or even an online service. One of the best VPN services out there is Avast SecureLine since it offers unparalleled data protection without the typical hindrances you’d expect…
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