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What kind of files can Adobe Illustrator open?

These can be both artistic in nature or precise designs used in real-life applications, such as architecture. However, no matter how popular Adobe Illustrator is, not a lot of people know just what kind of files it can open. Normally you would probably think that it supports all standard image formats, such as JPG, BMP,…
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5 best knife design software

by Milan Stanojevic Deputy Editor Last update:February 24, 2021 Designing a knife may sound easy enough, but you won’t be able to obtain the result you desire without a solid graphics designing tool. You will need a knife design tool that can handle both 2D and 3D design and can also support further exporting the…
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Review: Analysing the Best Needelpoint Design Software

by Madalina Dinita Former Managing Editor Last update:February 24, 2021 A needlepoint design software is used in order to create patterns for embroidery in a fast and efficient manner even if you lack the actual skills to do so in real life. Our today’s article contains a list of the best tools for this job…
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How to fix Visio Pro when it won’t install

How can I fix a Visio Pro installation error? 1. Install an Alternative Visio Bit Version Click Other install options before downloading the Visio installer. Then select a Visio version on the Version menu that matches the current Office suite installed. For example, select 64-bit if the current Office suite is the 64-bit version. Alternatively,…
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How to use flowchart templates with Adobe Illustrator

You can also include symbols for common design elements, like logos, as well as certain sets of color swatches, brushes, and graphic styles. 3. Start with New From Template Choose File, and then select New From Template. Choose File and go to New. In the New Document dialog box, click Templates. When you are in…
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8 best vector graphics software for Windows 10

Unlike other tools on our list, this application is a vector graphics software, but it also works with raster graphics. According to the developer, the application offers fast and non-destructive editing that doesn’t use too much of your resources. The tool offers photo-enhancing features, and you can easily change brightness, contrast, saturation and other options.…
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Use Visio Online Preview to open Visio diagrams in browsers

Quick Tip If you’re an Adobe Illustrator user, you might want to know that your favorite vector graphics software can also open .vsd files effortlessly. Simply import Visio file in Adobe Illustrator to transform your diagrams into fully editable objects. As an alternative, you can also print to PDF and open that document with the…
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5 best software for abstract art [Mac & Windows 10]

As its name suggests, Art Rage is not your regular art software. Abstract art has often been misunderstood as a manifestation of angry, sometimes crazy artists. This tool seems to actually embrace this idea, allowing you to create unusual pieces of art. Art Rage is a very versatile tool, being used for traditional style art,…
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7 best design software to create bags and backpacks

Solidworks is another great bag pattern making software option that allows you to create backpacks and bags and offers a wide range of features. You can use this software to design your project, simulate their use to find any possible issues, help you estimate costs of production, and checks if all manufacture instructions are correct.…
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Best book illustration design software

Closing our list is probably what many of you already know as an entry-level graphics design tool. This tool can be downloaded freely and it is also open source. These two make it an excellent choice for those that are just starting their journey into the world of creating book illustrations, or any other kind…
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5 best poster and banner design software for PC

by Tashreef Shareef Windows & Software Expert Looking for the perfect software to help you create a poster design? Our list will present you with the best options on the market regardless of the complexity of your project. You may want to consider a tool that relies on vectors to build images since you may…
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7 best doodle creation software [2021 Guide]

by Radu Tyrsina CEO & Founder Doodling is an excellent way to be creative without exhausting our mental resources. Doodles can also be videos that are short and fun, created without much effort. You can use Adobe Premiere Pro to create video doodles, and Illustrator to create regular doodles. For more detailed articles, check out…
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How to Resolve the Adobe Illustrator is not responding Problem.

The Adobe Illustrator not responding problem you are facing can be resolved. And in the post, I outline 3 things you can do to fix the problem.