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System Restore Point in Windows 10 do not Backup Your Files.

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If you are Windows 10 user, and you have been posing around the Windows Control Panel, then you might have seen a feature called System Restore Point.

Microsoft says that this feature – System Restore Point – is there so that you can if you encounter a problem using Windows 10 recently, then you can use this feature to revert Windows to the last know working state.

But many people seem to have a different ideology about what the System Restore Point is there for.

What most People Think

Many people, including me, earlier, use to think that the System Restore Point is a full backup of your computer at a point, so that if you lose a file or something like that, then you can use the Restore Point feature to retrieve it.

The Uncommon Fact

The System Restore Point in your Windows 10 computer is not a system backup feature.

What I mean is, if you are hoping to retrieve a file or program with a System Restore Point then you will might be disappointed. Why?

Every Windows 10 comes with a Registry. This Registry stores all the customization you have ever made to your Windows computer. Also, the program in your computer needs the approval of the Registry before they can perform any action on your computer, and all action you perform using an application is logged in the Registry.

So, the Registry serves like one big database where all your computer configuration information, app settings, logs and password are kept.

System Restore Point Backup your system Registry.
Not your files.

What you Should do

In recent time however, it is believed that the System Restore Point in Windows 10 does more that backup the Registry. But the fact that it backup files and program is yet to be proven.

Hence, if you are looking for a way to back up your computer files and programs so that you can restore them at a later time in an event that you lose them, then the System Restore Point is not the feature you should use.

You do not Need a Third-Party Backup Program

Your inability to use System Restore Point does not mean that you have to pay for a third-party application to enable you backup your files and program. Windows have its own backup service. To access it do the following.

Press Windows + I key in your keyboard. Alternatively, you can open the Settings app found the in-app list of the Start menu.

When the Settings app open, click on the Update & Security option.

In the left section, click on Backup

Now, follow the onscreen instruction to initiate the backup process.

Note though, that you will need an external drive for the backup to start.

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