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Stopping Tinder app from Freezing or Crashing on your Device.

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Tinder has become one of the most popular dating app (service). With more and more are people turning to Tinder as a means to find their perfect match, so, it would not be out of place to expect that the developers of Tinder app regularly update the app so as to keep it free from bugs. Especially the ones causing the Tinder app to keep freezing or even crash.

Well, it is so easy to expect that, but that really is not an easy task. I, for example, that knows so much about tech do not even have a mobile app yet, because creating and maintaining it (keeping it free from such bugs) is not a child’s play.

Having said that, it is also noteworthy to point out the fact that, the Tinder app most time freeze or crashes not because there is a bug with the app, but because of user’s usage and phone type. Below, I will explain some of the reason(s) why Tinder app keep freezing or crashing, and also how to prevent or fix it.

Solution 1: App Not Developed by Tinder

If you go to the official app store for Android or iOS devices, and you search for the term Tinder, you will notice that while the top result will be the app from the real developers of Tinder, there are tens of other app not from Tinder developers that promises to give you more functionality over the official Tinder app, if you download, install and use them instead.

Sadly, many users, do believe those promises and install those apps instead of the official one. Well, while those app might offer you more features, most times they are not bug free, because they are modified version of the Tinder app, and not the official one.

If you notice that the Tinder app you are using which keep freezing or crashing is not the official one, it is time for you to get the official Tinder app. Getting the official Tinder app might just be all that is needed to stop Tinder from freezing or crashing on your device. Below, are the links to the official Tinder app for both Android and iOS devices.

Here is the link to download the official Tinder app for Android or iOS.

Solution 2: Tinder app needs to be refreshed.

Do you usually feel exhausted when you work long hours without breaks? You probably do, and the funny part is, mobile application also do get exhausted from prolong usage, and the Tinder app is not exempted.

If this is the case, all you need to do to fix it is to close the Tinder app (not just minimizing it to the background by pressing the home button on your device), but exiting from the Tinder app and removing it from the list of running background apps. Then you open the app again.

You can also go some steps further by, force stopping the Tinder app, clearing its Cache and/or Data, or even restarting your Android or iOS device entirely.

Need help performing any of these action, I will be writing a separate article explaining the process very soon. Meanwhile, you can reach out to me via my WhatsApp Group for a quicker response.

Also, know that some users have find success just by uninstalling and reinstalling the Tinder app. So, this is something you can consider doing in your case.

Solution 3: Minimize your device RAM usage

RAM is the storage location for apps that is either running in the background or the one that you are currently using.

True, both Android and iOS smartphone is designed with the ability to multitask. The fact is, the more you multitask, or leave app running endlessly in the background, the more RAM storage they consume. Hence, when you now want to use a fresh app, let say Tinder, the Tinder app will have little (not enough) RAM storage space needed to work smoothly.

This is mostly the reason why mobile applications including Tinder app, freezes and sometimes crashes.

To fix this issue, stop all the apps running in the background. The process for clearing/stopping apps running in the background varies from device to device. However, if you have a RAM cleaner app, or device booster app, you can do this with just few taps.

Here is a list of the best RAM cleaner apps for Android devices, that I am aware of.

Solution 4: Device Compatibility and Update

Just because I am able to use the Tinder app on an Infinix phone smoothly does not mean I will be able to use it on a Techno phone or vice versa without any issue as well.

What I am trying to say is that, you might be experiencing the freezing or crashing of the Tinder app because the app is not compatible with your device. This is rare, but it is possible.

To be sure, use the download link above to visit the Tinder official app download page in the app store of your device. Then from the review section, use the filter option to see only review from people using a similar device model with you. If their review is positive, it means the app is compatible, if it is negative it means it is not.

If compatibility is the issue, there is little or nothing you can do, except to wait till when Tinder fixes the problem causing the device compatibility issues, or you get another device which is already compatible with the Tinder app.

However, you can simply use the website on your web/internet browser in the meantime while you wait.

Update and Downgrade

Other times, you might start experiencing freezing or crashing of the Tinder app after you update the app, or if you are still using an outdated version of the Tinder app.

If the freezing and crashing of Tinder started after you upgraded to the latest version, you can use Uptodown website to get the apk file of an older version of the official Tinder app.

After you have downloaded the apk file of an older version of the Tinder app from Uptodown website, you will need to uninstall the current version of Tinder from your device before you install the older version of Tinder from the apk file you just downloaded. Sadly, this option, as of when I was writing this article is not yet available for iOS users.

However, Android users that opt-in for this option are advised to use this as a temporary solution. When there is a newer update, they should please update the app again.

When the freezing and crashing occur with an outdated Tinder app version, you are encouraged to update the app to the latest version. The download link above is where you will get the latest version of the Tinder app from.

Also, if your Android or iOS device has any system update, be sure to update it. Most times, such system updates are meant to fix the general issues that is causing app to freeze or crash on your device. And the Tinder app will benefit from such updates.

Solution 5: Use the Tinder Website Instead can be accessed from any web browser on your device, and you will get the same features as you would on the Android app, or iOS app, without any fear of freezing or crashing.

So, if none of the solution I have talked about above seems to be working out for you, then this is your best solution.

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