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Stack Overflow for Teams launches freemium tier

The new tier is permanently free for developer teams of up to 50 people and includes integration with collaboration apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams.


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Developer collaboration platform Stack Overflow has added a new service tier to its Stack Overflow for Teams Software-as-a-Service platform, and it’s free for teams of up to 50 people.

Stack Overflow has existed as a public question-and-answer platform for programmers, data scientists and other tech professionals. Launched in 2018, Stack Overflow for Teams serves as a private cloud-hosted instance of stack overflow for internal collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The decision was made to serve as a replacement to the previous free Stack Overflow for Teams offering, which was a simple 30-day trial of the basic service tier. “The rollout of Freemium for Stack Overflow for Teams is an incredible opportunity to give developers, technologists, and knowledge workers the tools they need to enable speed and efficiency as they collaborate to solve big challenges across cloud, big data, DevOps, cybersecurity and more to digitalize the world,” said Stack Overflow CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar.

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Like the standard version of Stack Overflow, Stack Overflow for Teams functions a bit like a social media hub but privatized to a select group. There are areas for asking questions and getting answers from teammates, as well as an area to post blog-like Articles that can be used to publish documentation, share policies and knowledge, or make announcements. 

In addition to those features, Stack Overflow for Teams also has its own built-in single sign-on (SSO) solution, plus Collections that can be used to group questions and articles together, user groups for further dividing a Teams instance for specific projects or areas of responsibility, and a dashboard where users can get reports on engagement and view other metrics. 

Not all of those features are included in the freemium tier, though: While a free account will get you a private cloud-hosted Teams instance, Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations, and the ability to build a searchable knowledge base via questions and answers, there are several features listed above that are only available to paid tiers.

Paid tiers start at $6 per teammate per month (limit 250), which adds SSO and fully searchable archiving; $12 per teammate per month adds long-form articles, additional integrations (ChatOps, Jira, GitHub and Okta), Collections, and usage and adoption metrics. Additional services are available that include flexible hosting options, unlimited teams, read and write APIs, personal customer support reps, and more, but those are custom priced based on what each business wants. 

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SSO was previously reserved for higher tiers, but with the launch of the freemium plan, it was added to the basic tier ($6 user/month). No credit card is required to sign up for a free Stack Overflow for Teams instance. Those interested in checking it out can create a team at Stack Overflow’s website.

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