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Sleep robot helps adults relax and Cradlewise rocks babies back to sleep at CES 2021

Tiny monitor makes it easier to diagnose sleep apnea and smart adjustable beds offer meditation prompts and smart home connectivity.


This kidney-bean shaped pillow helps sleepers fall asleep by encouraging slow and deep breathing. 

There is a solution for sleep problems at every age of life at CES 2021. Entrepreneurs and physicians have products for fussy babies, adults who can’t relax enough to sleep, and older adults who may be getting up too often at night. 

An adjustable bed maker is hoping consumers will connect this smart bed to other smart home technology while physicians are replacing uncomfortable sleep monitors with smaller, sleeker trackers.

Here is a quick look at the best sleep solutions at CES 2021.

Somnox Sleep Robot

This kidney-bean shaped pillow helps sleepers fall asleep by encouraging slow and deep breathing. Sensors in the Somnox Sleep Robot monitor a user’s breathing rate. The pillow then either syncs its movements with this rate or sets a slower rate to encourage relaxation. One user commented that the robot is like having a breathing coach. The robot also plays soothing nature sounds and white noise. Sleepers can use the app to customize the experience. The company also suggests using the robot during the day for meditation or relaxation sessions.  It is on sale now for $100 as of mid-January. 

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ErgoMotion Quest smart bed

This adjustable bed is a command center for smart home and wellness technology. The app that goes with the bed connects with other smart home products such as the Nest thermostat. The bed has a built-in soundbar to offer meditation prompts and sound therapy. Some models include special lighting to encourage sleep and the ability to track overall sleep habits. The company’s Quest 2.5 adjustable base model has all these features and starts at $1,119.

Intelligent crib from Cradlewise

This crib not only tells you when your baby wakes up, it will also rock the baby back to sleep with an up and down motion if it’s not quite time to get up yet. Cradlewise has audio and video monitors as well as night vision. The smart crib sends a text message to parents when the baby wakes up and falls back to sleep. Parents can track the baby’s sleep fitness and track shuteye during a single night or over the course of a week.

Parents can play music or white noise to soothe a baby to sleep. The height of the mattress is adjustable and can go from a bassinet for the early days to a toddler-sized bed as the baby grows. It is on pre-order in the San Francisco area only as of mid-January.

Next Gen OOLER by ChiliSleep

According to the company, people sleep better in cool environments than hot ones. This smart sleep system includes a mattress topper, a control unit, and an app that will cool your bed to whatever temperature you want. This system uses water to make sure your sleeping space is at the right temperature anywhere from 55 degrees to 115. Sleepers can start the night cool and warm up in the morning with the Warm Awake feature that can replace an alarm clock. Users can program sleep schedules for each day and pre-cool the system before bedtime. The system comes in Me and We sizes for one person or two. 

Sunrise sleep apnea monitor

This sleep monitor uses a three-gram sensor and an app to monitor sleep and diagnose sleep apnea. The small monitor fits on a person’s chin, just under the mouth, to track snoring, repeated awakening during the night, and insomnia. People can use the system at home instead of going to a sleep center. The product was designed by doctors and clinical tests have shown that this system is as effective as more traditional sleep monitoring, which requires multiple sensors and wires that make normal sleep difficult. The disposable sensor can be ordered for one, two, or three night tests starting at 89 pounds or about $120. The product is an Innovation Award Honoree in the Health & Wellness and Smart Home categories at CES 2021. 

ForeAider Z Smart Sensing Pad

Nurses and physicians designed this sleep sensing pad based on micro-motion technology to make sleep monitoring easier for older adults. The pad tracks movement, heart rate, and breathing rate.

“Many elderly people are reluctant to go to bed using wearable devices,” said Ian Lo, ForeAider founder and general manager, in a press release. “We want to provide intimate care services without changing our original habits.” 

The slim pad slips under a mattress and tracks sleep and movement during the night.  

ForeAider Z Smart Sensing Pad also has a “pat the mattress” feature that can be used to call for help. A person can pat the mattress for five seconds to send an alert to a caregiver. Another alert tracks when a person gets out of bed at night and then returns to determine if a person is out of bed for longer than usual. Taiwan Tech Arena has selected ForeAider as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021. 

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