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Everyone who has used or heard of Slack will be aware that it’s a primarily text-based communications platform. Many users may not be aware that Slack also supports voice calls and video calls. Slack supports making these calls within the app itself. But it also allows you to select from a broad range of communication apps that you may already use and have integrated into your communications.

For example, if a company already has a business-wide Microsoft Teams licence and uses it for all internal calls, then you can install the Microsoft Teams app in Slack which will allow you to enable the integration.

How to Default Call App on Slack

To select which communication app you want to use for voice and video calls from Slack, you need to go into the workspace settings. To get there, you first need to click on the workspace name in the top-right corner. Next, in the dropdown menu, select “Settings & administration”, then “Workspace settings” to open the workspace settings in a new tab.

To get to the workspace settings, click on the workspace name in the sidebar, then select “Settings & administration” and “Workspace settings”.

In the default “Settings” tab, click on the “Expand” button for the “Calls” settings that can be found near the bottom of the list.

Click on the “Expand” button for the “Calls” settings.

In the “Calls” settings, tick the checkbox for the app you want to use for calls. If you want to disable the ability to make calls entirely, untick the checkbox labelled “Allow video calls in Slack”.

Tick the checkbox for the application you want to use for calls via Slack.

If the app you want to use for calls isn’t in the settings list, you can add it to Slack by browsing to Slack’s app directory and adding the app you want to Slack. To do so, click on the “Voice & Video” category, then select the app you want to add to Slack and click “Add to Slack”.

If the app you want isn’t in the list you can add it to Slack via Slack’s app directory.

Despite primarily being a text-based communication app, Slack supports voice calls and video calls too. By following the guide’s steps, you can choose to integrate and use a third-party call app via Slack.

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