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Notifications are a key part of many online applications, especially for real-time communication apps such as Slack. In real-time messaging apps, messages are pushed to devices and received when they’re sent. Generally, each new message comes with a notification so that the user knows there’s a new message.

Notifications typically have two parts, visual notification, and audio notification. The visual notification generally takes the form of a popup or badge that appears on the screen. Visual notifications aren’t always the most useful on their own. However, as throughout the day, you often look away from your screen and easily miss one. Audio notifications tend to play a sound simultaneously as the visual notification pings to help minimize the risk of missed notifications as much as reasonably possible.

For example, if you’re looking at a different window on your computer, you may not see a notification that doesn’t cause a system notification. Similarly, if you’re chatting to someone and looking away from your screen, you could miss a system notification, even if it overlays your other apps. An audio notification can catch your attention and alert you to the new message in either of these types of scenarios.

How to Customize Notification Sounds on Slack

Audio notification can be irritating, however, if you don’t like the sound. Slack offers several notification sounds that you can choose between when you don’t like the default sound.

To configure your notification sounds, you need to go into your preferences. To access your preferences, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, then click on “Preferences.”

Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner, then click on “Preferences.”

Once you’re in the preference, scroll down the default “Notifications” tab to the “Sound & appearance” section. Click on the dropdown box at the bottom of the “Sound & appearance” section, labeled “Notification sound,” then select which sound you want to use. There are twelve sounds you can choose from, with the default sound being “Knock Brush.” The top choice in the dropdown box is “None,” which will disable audio notifications.

Tip: When you select a notification sound from the list, the sound will play so you can hear it.

Select the notification sound you want from the “Notification sound” dropdown box in the default “Notifications” tab of the preferences.

Notifications are a helpful feature of messaging apps. Still, if you’re going to hear a notification sound often, you don’t want it to be annoying. Slack offers twelve different notification sounds for you to choose from if you find the default sound annoying.

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