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Most companies have a primary business language even if they’re multinational and have offices in multiple countries, each with their own native language. These offices may deal in their local language when communicating internally or with local clients. However, when communicating with the wider business through Email and Slack platforms, these offices will generally use the primary business language.

In Slack, you can configure which language your workspace is in. This language selection affects system notification, the default messages in Slackbot, and the language of sign-up invitation emails. You can choose between German, British English, American English, Spanish, “Latin American Spanish,” French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean.

How to Choose Another Workspace Language on Slack

To configure your workspace language, you need to browse to the workspace settings and permissions page. To get there, click on the workspace name in the top-right corner. Next, in the dropdown menu, select “Settings & administration.” Then “Workspace settings” to open the workspace settings in a new tab.

To get to the workspace customizations settings, click on the workspace name in the sidebar. Select “Settings & administration” and “Workspace settings.”

In the default “Settings” tab, click on the “Expand” button for the “Workspace language” settings.

Click “Expand” next to “Workspace language” in the default “Settings” tab.

In the expanded view, you then need to click the dropdown box, select the language you want to change the workspace to, then click “Save.”

Tip: You may need to refresh the Slack tab for the change to take effect.

Click in the dropdown box, then select the language you want the workspace to use, and click “Save” to apply the change.

A workspace’s language should reflect the company’s primary language or group running the workspace; individuals can adjust their individual language version to their local language if they want. If you follow the steps in this guide, you can change the workspace language for your workspace.

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