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Sith Lord Toaster Would Like to Play You the “Imperial March”

A photo of the toaster, toothbrushes, and typewriter used to perform Device Orchestra's 'Imperial March.'
DUN DUN DUN dun DUN-DUN dun DUN-DUN. Device Orchestra

For over three decades, the “Imperial March” has held its place as one of the most recognized and celebrated songs of all time. And now, thanks to Device Orchestra, we can enjoy the iconic theme from Star Wars performed by a toaster, a typewriter, and a pair of electric toothbrushes.

But how does a toaster play a melody? Device Orchestra uses a microcontroller and a rubber band to manipulate the movement of the toaster’s bread slot. Altering the current in the toaster causes the slot to move up and down, thereby producing different notes. (At least, that’s as much as I can understand it.)

The electric toothbrushes rely on a similar system, where manipulating the current causes the toothbrush to vibrate at different frequencies and produce individual notes. The toaster and toothbrushes can then work together to create harmonies, backed by a typewriter that shifts its head for a percussive, drum-like sound.

“Imperial March on a Toaster” is just one of many songs recorded by Device Orchestra on junk electronics. Other videos on the channel include “Super Mario Bros. Theme on 2 Credit Card Machines” and “Old Town Road on Electronic Devices.” And yes, the electronics always have googly eyes.

Source: Device Orchestra via Nerdist

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