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Siemens bringing low code company to China

The Mendix platform announced plans to expand its technology into the Chinese market.

Made in China. Cardboard boxes with text made in China and chinese flag on the roller conveyor.

Made in China. Cardboard boxes with text made in China and chinese flag on the roller conveyor. 3d illustration

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Low code platform Mendix announced that it would be making its first foray into China thanks to its parent company Siemens, which has long had a foothold in the Chinese market. 

As low code was beginning to gain prominence worldwide, Siemens bought Mendix in 2018 and began integrating it into the Siemens Digital Industries Software group. Siemens has been working in China since 1872, according to a statement, and said it hoped to involve Mendix in a number of different ways, from IoT and edge computing to AI, automation and more.

“More effective applications, collaboratively developed in a fraction of the time, delivering more successful business results — that’s the essential value proposition of Mendix,” Derek Roos, Mendix CEO, said in a statement. “We’re excited to have the reach and brand reputation of Siemens behind us as we launch the Mendix platform in China, and we are confident that our customers there will quickly reap the benefits of low-code application development.”

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Like many low code companies, Mendix has sought to address the dearth of developers by providing easier access to simpler developer tools. The company’s Mendix Studio is built specifically for non-professional developers to build applications. 

The company also offers more advanced tools for those with more ability or for those interested in creating more complex applications. But the company stressed that the intent behind the platform was to unite developers and non-developers alike in order to make application building a more collaborative process. 

Mendix is already being used by certain companies in China like SAIC Motor, CIMC Vehicles, and Maxnerva Technology Services.

Chen Jun, senior IT manager of Chinese automobile maker SAIC Motor, said in a statement that it uses the Mendix enterprise low-code development platform to “create lean manufacturing human resource management applications and ultimately achieve reduction of single-vehicle labor costs.”

“This project covers more than 10,000 employees across four major domestic sites of SAIC Motor Passenger Cars; shortens development time by 50%; reduces deployment and maintenance costs by 30%; and achieves two major breakthroughs in business: The first close collaboration of significance between business and IT teams to develop and integrate a big data platform architecture that has applications for future scenarios,” Jun said. 

“[It also] allows SAIC Passenger Vehicles to go from managing month/day cycles down to the hour in its human resources lean management application, achieving significant digitalization of the entire business process and reaching a leading level in the automotive industry in China and even the world.”

The Mendix platform features a graphical user interface that was designed to be intuitive and drag-and-drop components to make it easier for those with less development experience.

The company said it is cloud-native and runs on a microservices-based architecture. It is already in use across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East at companies like Continental, Zurich Insurance, ConocoPhillips, the Municipality of Dubai, and NS, the Netherlands’ high-speed rail operator.

CTO of Chinese car manufacturer CIMC Vehicles, Li Xiaofu, explained that the company uses Mendix in high-end intelligent manufacturing strategy and plan to use it more as it seeks to digitize business systems. 

“Furthermore, this will allow us to iterate continuously and keep up with the changes in market demands, thereby reducing the complexities of business systems and efficiently supporting the growth of the business,” Xiaofu said. 

Shi Chunhao, COO of manufacturing Foxconn affiliate Maxnerva Technology Services, said Mendix would help speed up application delivery in its digital operations. 

Chunhao noted that Maxnerva was able to launch two apps within a month and it is now working on a third app. Mendix helped the company cut IT costs and make IT operations more efficient while also allowing them the flexibility to change things based on government requirements, employee changes, and pandemic-related measures. 

“China is one of the markets of the highest importance to Siemens Digital Industries Software,” says Leo Liang, senior vice president and managing director of Siemens Digital Industries Software in China. 

“We are pleased today to introduce the world’s premier low-code technology not just to our own customers, but to every enterprise in China that wants to accelerate its digital initiatives to improve operational efficiencies and better engage with customers in every available channel. Low-code is the future of software development, and Mendix is leading the way.”

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