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Shortcuts to the Legitimate Web (

Shortcuts to the Legitimate Web ( post thumbnail

Have you ever wondered if? Instead of going to to search for reputable online store, can’t I just type in a url (let’s say and a reputable online store will appear for me to shop from.

Well, if you have thought about it, or if this is the first time it is crossing your mind, and the ideal sound good to you, I am here to tell you that, this is no longer a dream. Google has made this a reality with their new platform known as

The .new domain

Last year (the 6th of September, 2019) to be precise, Google launched a new domain name extension known as the .new TLD.

The purpose of this new domain extension was to encourage reputable online businesses create a shorter and customizable link to the services that majority of their users love.

While this new domain was launched back in September of last year, it was not until 10 days ago, that is, the 21st of July, 2020 that it became available to the general public.

And since then, there have been 200 reputable business that have created shortened .new domain that redirects people to their most beloved services.

What is

The is a website from Google, the creator of the .new domain extension, that is geared toward making all the existing and functioning .new domain from legitimate businesses known to the public.

Hence, users can go there to discover the .new domain that is pointing to their beloved services.

Example of .new domains

Below, I will be listing 5 .new domains I think you should know about, and which online service it will be redirecting you to.

.new domainOwn byOnline service
Sell.neweBayFor merchant who wants to sell their product on eBay.
Meet.newGoogleEnable you start a meeting via video conference with friends, family, or colleagues using Google Meet service.
Podcast.newSpotifyEnable you start a podcast using Spotify all-in-one podcasting platform known as Anchor.
Image.newImage EditorImage Editor is a free online photo and image editing software.
Spark.newAdobeDesign beautiful social media posts and more with Adobe Spark.

Like I said, there are over 2 hundred .new domains that are being used by legitimate businesses. You can know them all when you visit the site.

Legitimate Businesses I said?

Yes, while the .new domain is available to any, and everyone that wishes to register it, I made this statement because, the over 200 .new domains available as of when I was writing this post are from legitimate businesses.

Less prone to spam

Also, from my point of view, the .new domain extension will not be spammed easily. Why? Because it is expensive.

Compared to .com and others which cost below $15 per year, the .new domain costs over $500 per year.

Yes, you heard it write. If you wish to get a .new domain for your site for now, it will cost you over $500 every year.

I guess, Google made it this expensive so as to prevent spammers from abusing it.

How to get .new domains

If you wish to get a .new domain for your website, then head to Google Domains ( to get yourself one now, before it is taken.

However, if Google domains is not available in your country as of now, then go to the Google Registry site to find out which domain registrar will be right for you.

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