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Shilla Hotel in Seoul Install Samsung Terrace TV besides their Pool (Features)

Shilla Hotel in Seoul Install Samsung Terrace TV besides their Pool (Features) post thumbnail

The Shiila Hotel in Seoul, South Korea is the first place that the new Samsung’s Terrance outdoor TV with the QLED 4K display technology is installed. It was installed at the Urban Island swimming pool of the Shilla Hotel.

This new outdoor television from Samsung promises viewers the same experience they would have had if they have viewed the content in an indoor television. Here are some of the things that makes Samsung Terrace outdoor TV stands out.

An Indestructible TV

Hahaha, you are probably wondering, if I smash it with a baseball bat, will it not be destroyed? Of course, it will. What then did I mean when I said, that the Samsung Terrace TV is indestructible?

What I meant is, mild Nature cannot destroy it.

The Samsung Terrance outdoor TV that was install in the Shilla Hotel, and that is available in the market is said to be waterproof and dustproof. This means that, you can install it in any outdoor conditions and you will still get high-quality TV experience that will remain intact no matter the condition.

This does not mean that you should now install it inside a pool, or in the heart of a desert.

Great Display

The Samsung Terrace outdoor TV is made with QLED 4K display, with a brightness capacity of 2,000 nits, and a built-in anti-reflection technology.

What am trying to say is that, the Terrace outdoor TV promises that viewers can enjoy more vivid images whenever they want, even when under direct sunlight.

It is also noteworthy to point out the fact that, the TV has a built-in adaptive picture technology that notices the change in the brightness of the environment, and thus automatically optimize the TV display’s brightness in real-time, so that viewers eyes won’t be damaged by the 2,000 nits’ brightness that it emits when under direct sunlight.


Now, speaking about the Terrance TV audio capacity.

The outdoor television from Samsung has a Soundbar known as The Terrace Soundbar. This soundbar is also weather-resistant and it delivers powerful, high-quality three-dimensional sound.

It also features distortion cancelling technology which ensure that the sound that the Terrace TV produces is clear, and rich, regardless of noise in the surrounding environment.

Reach out

This is not a feature of the Terrace TV 😂😂😂.

What I want to say in this section is that, if you have any inquiries about the Samsung Terrace outdoor television, Samsung says that you should use the form in their Media Contact page to get in touch with them.

However, you can also stick around with this blog of mine, as I will be updating you on new information about the Terrace TV as I get them.


Here are the 2 images of the Terrace TV which was installed in the Shilla Hotel in Seoul that Samsung has made public.

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