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Set up a Custom Notification Tone for a WhatsApp Contact.

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Custom notification tone is a feature in WhatsApp that enable you to specify what tune WhatsApp should use to notify you when you receive a message from a specific contact.

Why Custom Notification is Important

Imagine waiting for the reply of a loved one.

With a separate notification tone set up for them, you will know when the new message WhatsApp is notifying you about is from them or from others.

So you will not have to be opening WhatsApp every time you receiving a notification hoping it is them that is messaging you.

How to Set Up Custom Notification Tone

For Android

Open WhatsApp, locate your loved one in Chat and tap on their Profile Picture.

Next tap on the encircled i icon, to open the contact profile page.

Tap on Custom Notification

In the contact profile page, tap on Custom notifications.

Check the Use custom notifications option.

Then tap on the Notification tone to choose your custom notification for incoming message.

If you are expecting a WhatsApp call, scroll down and tap on Ringtone to customize the tone when they call.

For iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Locate the contact and tap on their name to open the message page.
    As you would when you want to send them a message.
  • On the message page, tap on their name which is at the top, to open the profile page.
  • In the profile page, tap on Custom Tone.
  • In the Custom Tone page, select your tone of choice and tap on Save.

There is no screenshot for the iPhone steps because I am not yet using one.

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