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Server migrations and deployments: Resources to ensure smooth transitions, uniform maintenance, backup capabilities, and more

There’s zero margin for error during a server migration or deployment and botched efforts can be disastrous.

In the digital transformation, server deployments and migrations are a regular part of operations for organizations around the globe. Needless to say, there is zero room for error when transferring massive amounts of critical data, and botched migrations can be disastrous. At the same time, servers also require routine maintenance, and technicians will need to approach these procedures in a uniform manner to prevent failures. 

From migration checklists to guides empowering organizations migrating their email servers to cloud-based options, here are five server deployment and migration resources from TechRepublic Premium designed to prevent IT surprises and keep systems performing flawlessly.

Server migrations are complex undertakings, and a mishandled effort can be disastrous for an organization. That said, approaching a migration with a sound strategy could be the difference between a seamless transition or a bungled outcome. This server checklist is designed to empower IT teams with a guide clearly establishing procedures to minimize the risks of team members forgoing critical steps during the server migration process.

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Some organizations maintain on-site infrastructure to manage their email systems locally. Once this approach has proven too costly, too labor-intensive, or too outmoded, an organization will often opt to migrate this local email server data to a cloud-based option. Rather than approaching an email server-to-cloud migration as one herculean project, this power checklist helps stratify the project into smaller components; in-essence missions within a larger task. This compartmentalized approach helps ensure that all steps of the overall migration are followed without overlooking key procedural details.

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Managed service providers (MSPs) will routinely oversee server deployments on behalf of their clients. This resource checklist is specifically crafted for MSPs and is intended to ensure smooth server deployments without surprises. This resource establishes protocols and procedures to bear in mind during the planning, preparation, and server deployment to mitigate risk and help MSPs maintain positive client relationships. 

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Organizations often leverage backup data on servers as a failsafe, and Linux models are a popular option among enterprises. While many seasoned IT professionals are familiar with Linux servers, others may need to be brought up to speed with the best practices and considerations when using Linux servers to back up data. At any rate, this resource empowers teams with the tools, tips, and insights required to fulfill this critical task without preventable incidents.

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As the adage goes: Prevention is the best medicine, and the same concept holds true for server maintenance. To ensure this infrastructure is operating nominally, MSPs will need to regularly perform a series of system checks at regular intervals. This resource acts as a helpful guide and checklist to provide MSPs with the key considerations and best practices required to maintain servers and keep these devices running smoothly. This will give technicians clear parameters regarding maintenance expectations and protocols ensuring a uniform approach across the company.

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