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Segmentation Fault 11 [Meaning, causes & how to fix]

inspect code segmentation fault: 11
  1. Double-check your code
  2. Make sure that there aren’t any declarations that might be using too much memory.

This is also a useful tip if you’re getting Segmentation fault: 11 while using Python.

3. Use the malloc command

malloc command segmentation fault: 11
  1. Use the malloc command properly.
  2. Of course, always use the following command to free the memory:


4. Use the char var/int arr command

char var segmentation fault: 11

In your code, use the following command:

char var[strlen(x)+1]

int arr[(sizeof(x)/sizeof(x[0]) +1)]

Use one of these commands depending on your needs.

5. Other general tips

coding tips segmentation fault: 11
  1. Make sure that your global variables have assigned values.
  2. Separate your code into different files for easier debugging.

Segmentation fault 11 Python

1. Uninstall Shapely

uninstall shapely segmentation fault: 11

On your Mac, run the following command:

pip uninstall shapely; pip install --no-binary :all: shapely

Keep in mind that this method might only work if you’re trying to install Cartopy.

2. Use the Terminal

  1. Start the Terminal from the Applications > Utilities directory.
    terminal open segmentation fault: 11
  2. Once the Terminal starts, run the following commands:

cd /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.3

cd ./lib/python3.3/lib-dynload

sudo mv

Segmentation fault 11 is usually caused by memory allocation issues, and if you’re having this problem, be sure to try some of the solutions mentioned above.

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