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Sega New Game Console (Game Gear Micro) is 8cm in Size

Sega New Game Console is 8cm in Size post thubmail

Could you just believe that? A gaming console can be this small. 8cm width by 4.3cm height with a 1.5-inch screen. Well, if you doubt it, then Sega as proven that this is achievable.

In celebration of their 70th anniversary and 30 years in producing handheld console, Sega announce the creation of a console that is very miniature is size and is known as the Sega Game Gear Micro. As I have pointed out above, the size of this Game Gear Micro is 8cm width by 4.3cm height with a 1.5-inch screen display.

Release Date

The new Sega Game Gear Micro is set to be released on the 6th of October, 2020.

The launch will take place in Japan, and Sega have not yet indicated any intention of releasing it in other countries. So, it seems that Sega lovers that lives in other countries other than Japan will have to pay a premium shipping fee for them to get it.

Hopefully, this will not happen.

Sega Game Gear Micro Price

The Sega Game Gear Micro comes in 4 different colors, with each console color carrying its own exclusive games.

Each of the Game Gear Micro console is to be sold separately at ¥4,980 that is approximately $45 USD.

Ordering the set of 4 will cost you ¥21,912, that is approximately $200.

For does without a good eyesight and thus will not want to squint their precious eyes, Sega will also be releasing a Big screen magnifier know as Super Wide Gear. However, this screen magnifier is not going to be sold separately.

Rather, it can only be bought if you are buying all 4 for the Game Gear Micros. Buying all 4 Game Gear Micros along with the Super Wide Gear will cost you a total of ¥29,980 that is approximately $275.

The Sega Game Gear Micros Exclusive.

As I have earlier stated, the Sega Game Gear Micros will be launched in four colors. These colors are Classic Black, Blue, Yellow, and Red. Each of the colors has four games which is exclusive to them. The games are

The classic black Games: Games included in the classic black Game Gear Micro are Sonic the Hedgehog, falling block puzzle Puyo Puyo 2, open-top arcade racer Outrun and turn-based strategy Royal Stone.

The Blue Console Games: The exclusive games for the Blue color console of the Sega Game Gear Micro are Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos also known as Sonic and Tails, Gunstar Heroes, another falling block puzzle, Baku Baku Animal, and an adventure game called “Sylvan Tale.”

The Yellow Console Games: Includes Shining Force which is a 3 formative role-playing games, Shining Force II, Shining Force: Final Conflict, and Puyo Puyo also called Nazo Puyo.

The Red Sega Game Gear Micro: This variant contains Shinobi, a ninja platformer, the famous falling block title Columns, and two early “Megami Tensei” role-playing adventures in Last Bible and Last Bible Special.


If you seek more information about this new Sega Game Gear Micro, then watch the trailer video from Sega below.

What do you think about this new initiative of Sega. Honestly, I think this is a child only game. What about you.

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