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Save WhatsApp Status (Photos & Videos) to Your Android Phone Storage.

Save WhatsApp Status (Photos & Videos) to Your Android Phone Storage post thumbnail
Save WhatsApp Status (Photos & Videos) to Your Android Phone Storage post thumbnail
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Facebook instant messaging service, WhatsApp is by far the most popular and probably the best app for chatting with your friends and family instantly over the internet. However, WhatsApp does not only provide its users with chat service, they also offer their users a way for them to keep their family and friends updated on what is going on in their life, thought, and interest through a feature called WhatsApp Status.

WhatsApp Status is a similar feature to Facebook Stories, Twitter Stories and more. This feature (WhatsApp Status) allows a user to upload pictures, multiple 30-seconds videos, and even animated pictures (gifs), so that all their contacts will see it without the user needing to send the pictures or videos to their contacts individually.

The downside about the WhatsApp Status feature is that the pictures and videos uploaded aren’t there forever. They disappear after 24 hours, and WhatsApp does not provide you any option you can used to download it. So, if you want to see it again, you have to wait till your friend upload it again, if they don’t, then it is lost forever.

With this article however, I will be showing you 4 ways in which you can use to save the picture, video or gifs uploaded by your friend on their WhatsApp Status to your Android phone, so that you can have access to them later.

1st Option: Ask Them for it.

The main reason why WhatsApp has not provided its users a way to download or save their friends WhatsApp Status is because they want to protect the privacy of the person that uploaded the Status.

So, if you think the person will not mind if you have the picture or video that they uploaded to their WhatsApp Status on your phone, then you should ask them to please send you the Status picture or video via private chat message.

If they do send it to you via chat. Tap on it to save and view it. The picture or video will also be saved to your phone storage, so you can access them from the phone’s gallery.

2nd Option: Use Screenshot

If you do not want to go through the process of asking, and the WhatsApp Status of your friend you want to save is a picture, then you can just use the screenshot feature of your Android phone.

In most Android phone, the screenshot feature can be accessed by sliding down the Notification menu at the top of your phone screen. Among the icons in the menu, there will be the Screenshot icon, tap on it to take a screenshot of the WhatsApp Status while viewing it. Then you can crop it to remove all the unnecessary parts of the screen that was also screenshot along with the Status.

Pressing the Down Volume and Power button on the side of your phone is a shortcut to taking a screenshot on most Android phones. But for some Samsung phones, it is the Down Volume and Home button.

Tip: to make the picture status full screen before you take the screenshot, tap and hold the Status. However, if you are using this method, it is the screenshot shortcut buttons that you will be able to use to take the screenshot.

3rd Option: Use a WhatsApp Status Saver Apps.

There are numerous apps in Google Play Store that you can use to save the WhatsApp Status photos and videos of your friends. But for the purpose of this article, I will be showing you how to do that using the PHX Browser. So here are the steps.

Go to Google Play Store, download and install the PHX Browser on your Android device.

Open your WhatsApp app and view the Status you want to save.

Minimize the WhatsApp app and open the PHX Browser app.
When it opens, you will see an icon that is called, Status Saver. Tap on it.

After the PHX Browser opens, tap on the Status saver icon in the home screen.

In the Status tab, tap on any video or picture that you want to save.

In the Status tab of the Status saver screen, tap on the photo or video status you want to save to your Android device

In the next screen after you have tapped on the picture, tap on the Save icon below.

After you have tap on the WhatsApp Status photo or video, tap on the Save icon below to save it to your Android phone storage.

Once done, the status will be saved on your device and you can access it via the Saved tab of the Status Saver, or from your Android phone’s Gallery.

4th Option: Using your File Manager

If your Android phone default file manager have the option to show hidden files, then you are good to go. Else, you look for another file manager from Google Play Store that has the show hidden files feature. In this example of mine, I will be using ES File Explorer app.

Open the File Explorer app and navigate to the internal or phone storage folder.
Note: if your WhatsApp is installed on your SD card, then it is the SD card storage folder you should navigate to.

Once there, locate the folder called WhatsApp and tap on it. If you are using WhatsApp for Business, then the folder you should tap on is WhatsApp Business.

from your file manager, locate the WhatsApp folder and tap on it.

Next tap on the Media folder.

Tap on the Media folder which is in the WhatsApp folder.

Now tap on the ES File Explorer option icon to reveal the menu that will enable you to turn on the Show Hidden Files feature.

Toggle on the Show hidden files switch to enable the feature.

Once the Show hidden files switch have been toggled on, a folder named .Statuses will appear on the Media folder. Tap on the .Statuses folder to see all the WhatsApp status you have viewed that is not yet more than 24 hours old.

Tap on the .Statuses folder to see all the active WhatsApp Status photos and videos which you can save to your device.

Now copy the Status you want to save and paste it in any other folder of your choice. Preferably you can paste it in the DCIM folder.

These are the 4 easy options you have when it comes to saving the WhatsApp Status of your friends. Which have/will you try? Let us know via comment. Also, help a friend to discover this post by sharing.

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