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Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S7 series in August of last year, joining the Tab S6 as part of the company’s tablets. Now, certain reports reaching our stables suggest that we may see its predecessor, the Galaxy Tab S8, earlier than expected. This is because the Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition appeared on Samsung’s Support page of the Ireland’s website.

This may not mean what we think, but information on this page talks about a device called the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition which houses a nano-SIM card and supports microSD cards up to 1TB. It also shows that there would be two variants, a 4G and 5G variant, while the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition may offer up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of onboard storage.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. Galaxy S7+ Launched, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition anticipated
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, the predecessor to the S8

While this may be an error on the company’s part, it could also be a tip pointing towards a potential Galaxy Tab S8 series release in the coming days. Just so you know, Samsung’s Enterprise Edition devices are normally sold to partners through a number of distribution channels, with end users also able to purchase them for their small businesses.

The major difference between an Enterprise Edition and a regular version of a device is an extended, 4-year security update schedule, a year of Samsung Knox and enhanced protection. However, these enhanced capabilities cost a bit more for users who would want to pick up the Enterprise Edition.



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