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Ring’s New Geofence Reminds You To Arm Your Security System When You Leave Home

A man looking at a Ring app with a geolocation fence around his home.

A man looking at a Ring app with a geolocation fence around his home.

Security systems and cameras may make you feel better about leaving home or going to bed at night, but they can be annoying. And they only do any good if you remember to turn them on. Ring wants to help with a new Geofence feature that will avoid annoyances and automatically arm your Ring Alarm system when you leave home.

As the name suggests, Geofence works based on your location. You’ll need the Ring app installed on your phone to take advantage, but if you have Ring cameras or the Ring security system, you probably already have the app.

Once you have the app installed, you can go to the new Geofence setting and add in your location. It works like similar features on other systems; you’ll create a “ring” around your home location. Your address won’t be enough because phone GPS isn’t accurate enough to ping just your home; it needs a more generalized area. Once you set that up, you can activate one of two features.

The first, Arm/Disarm Reminders, will help you remember to arm and disarm the system. When you leave home, Ring will notice, and it will see that your Ring security system isn’t activated. So it’ll send you a reminder in case you forget. When you come back, it’ll send you a similar reminder to disarm the system. That should help avoid unpleasant surprises.

The second feature, Auto Snooze, helps avoid annoying notifications you have to deal with when you own a video doorbell and indoor cameras. Typically, cameras want to notify you about any movement they see. So if you’re arriving home, your video doorbell will see you, and the Ring App will send a notification that your doorbell saw someone—you. And when your indoor cameras see you, that leads to Ring app notifications that “someone” is inside your home.

You already know that, so the notifications amount to unwanted noise. The Auto Snooze feature will recognize that you’re home and turn those notifications off. So when you walk to your door, you won’t get a doorbell notification letting you know you arrived. Likewise, when you’re home you won’t get motion alerts connected to your indoor camera through the Ring app.

Geofence is a free update for all Ring users, and available for Ring Alarm security systems, doorbells, and security systems. And if you decide you don’t like it, you can turn it back off. Geofence is rolling out now.

Source: Ring

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