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Razer’s Light Up Credit Card is Stupid and I’m Sad I Can’t Get One

The Razer Card with its glowing green logo

Look at your current credit cards. Do any of them light up? NO? I honestly can’t fathom how I’ve lived life for as long as I have without realizing how much I need a light-up credit card in my life. Thankfully, curators of all the things light up, Razer is here to save the day.

Well, kind of.

There’s just one catch: it’s only available in Singapore. And even then, only for the first 1,337 people who signed up for it—a list that I’m certain has already been filled. But even though I can’t get one I still want to talk about it, because it’s the most uselessly cool thing I’ve seen this week.

To start, calling it a “credit card” is a little bit of a stretch—it’s a prepaid card. It does come with some perks though, like 5 percent cash back on Razer products and 1 percent on other stuff. Who cares about cashback, though. This card lights up.

The Razer Pay app, glowing Razer card, and boring black Razer Card

It’s a black card with a glowing green Razer logo up in the corner. And every time it’s used to make a contactless payment, that logo lights its green ass right up like some sort of … glowing goblin. Do goblins glow? I bet they would if Razer made them. But yeat—a glowing green logo, right there on your card. You can’t tell me you’re not jealous. Well, you can tell me, but I won’t believe you. I wish my bank had this.

It’s just a damn shame you can’t change the colors of the card with Razer Chroma. Now that would really be something. There’s also a plain black version for people who hate fun—or a virtual card for, I dunno, whoever uses Razer’s Pay app (which also isn’t available outside of Singapore).

There’s unfortunately no word on whether this card will ever be available in places outside of Singapore. But if it ever comes to the U.S., by golly Ima get one so everyone within eyeshot can be like “hot damn did you see that guy’s light up card? That’s the most stupidly cool thing I’ve ever seen!”

Yes it is.

Razer via The Verge

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