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Razer introduces the Project Brooklyn concept gaming chair at CES 2021

The company’s prototype for the ultimate in gamer seating features many bells and whistles, including a 60″ retractable screen and other new tech to create a wholly immersive gaming experience.


Image: Razer

Two decidedly different projects were introduced by Razer at CES 2021 on Tuesday, and the first concept, Project Brooklyn, is designed for the brand’s gamer fans.

Project Brooklyn

As the creators of the Razer Blade gaming laptops, it’s not terribly surprising that the first, Project Brooklyn, involves the development of a gaming chair.

“With Project Brooklyn, Razer is really building upon the success of the Iskur gaming chair that we released in October of 2020, and we’re really looking at how we can take the gaming chair into the future, providing it as an immersive gaming platform that caters to the needs of the entire gaming landscape,” said Mike Scharnikow, senior marketing manager, growth peripherals at Razer who led the presentation.

Razer’s goal, he said, was to use emerging technologies to create something functional and immersive, but one which also “addresses the space constraints that’s often associated with all-in-one gaming solutions or big gaming set-ups.” 

As an example, Scharnikow explained: “We looked at new display technologies like roll-up OLED screens, curveable and bendable OLED screens, foldable displays on mobile devices, really looking at ways to provide not only the technology for a display that offers high-definition resolution and crisp visuals but also that’s optimized for the ability to save space. So, then taking these new technologies into account, we looked at how to further the immersive ideas we showcased at last CES with our racing cockpit concept that you can see here, albeit in a way that is more compact and more space-efficient.”

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Project Brooklyn offers gamers one product to support gaming on all platforms, “from console to mobile to PC.” It’s about meeting the needs of all gamers, Scharnikow said.

The result of the company’s research is Project Brooklyn, “an entirely new chair concept that builds upon the foundation of the Razer Iskur,” and uses new tech and concepts “to create a fully immersive gaming platform ready for the next generation of immersion.” 

“At its core,” Scharnikow said, “Project Brooklyn is really designed around flexibility and transformation, being able to quickly and easily adapt to what the gaming situation calls for. Project Brooklyn immerses the player directly into the gameplay by putting them in the middle of an integrated panoramic OLED 60” screen housed within the backbone of the chair. The screen structure will stand out from the back of the chair and unfold or unfurl the screen in front of the gamer sitting in the chair. The screen can be retracted back inside the chair when not in use.

The chair’s 4D armrests house retractable table panels that can be extended out. When using a PC with a mouse and keyboard, both panels can be extended to form a table. If a gamer wants to use a controller or on the console, the panels retract into the armrest for freedom of movement.

“Project Brooklyn also integrates Razer Chroma RGB,” on the sides of the chair and stand. Scharnikow said. This allows gamers “to be integrated into the Chroma ecosystem with lighting effects triggered by in-game events.” Personalization can be created with the included 16.8 million colors of Chroma.

Because it’s a concept, Razer couldn’t say specifically when it will be available, or what the price point will be.

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