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PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region | How to fix?

Vlad Constantinescu
by Vlad Constantinescu

VPN Expert & Privacy Advocate

  • One of the most common errors PUBG Lite players complain about is the PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region error. The most annoying part is that it happens randomly.
  • You can solve the issue by using a VPN service to circumvent the region restriction problem or performing a manual configuration on your Windows 10 date and time settings.
  • A VPN masks your IP address and changes your geo-location, making PUBG Lite believe that you’re trying to play from a region that allows the game.
  • You can also use a VPN for other reasons besides bypassing geoblocks, like reducing your ping and fixing packet loss while gaming.

Fix PUBG Lite unavailable in your region

PUBG Lite is the free version of the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The Lite edition is quite frankly the best way to experience PUBG without paying a dime.

Although free services are a great ramp for increasing user base, the main focus doesn’t revolve around them. Therefore, sometimes, free users might experience issues that premium/paid users don’t.

One of the most common errors PUBG Lite players complain about is the PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region error. What makes it more annoying is that it appears to occur entirely random.

While some players experience it at launch, other have this issue immediately after finishing a game, or while configuring their settings. It doesn’t seem to follow a pattern, either. Fortunately, you can bypass geoblocks quite easily and we’ll show you exactly how.

How to fix PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region error?

1. Use a VPN

  1. Download PIA and install it on your PC
  2. Launch the VPN and connect to a secure serverPIA is connected to Netherlands
  3. Run PUBG Lite on your PC and check if it works

Private Internet Access is a stable, efficient VPN that can help you keep your privacy safe while playing PUBG Lite.

Additionally, it can help you eliminate or curb ping issues and even spoof your location to avoid the infamous PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region error.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Did you get the PUBG Lite is unavailable in your region error? PIA can help you avoid it by spoofing your location.

This VPN service has a network of over 3,000 servers distributed all around the world, covering 66 locations in 46 countries.

Note: if you’re seeing the same error after enabling the VPN, disconnect from the server you chose and select another one. You might want to use a different location, as the error is apparently location-related.

2. Configure your time zone correctly

  1. Hit the Win key on your keyboard
  2. Type Location privacy settings and select the option from the menu
  3. Make sure that you’ve enabled Location for your PC and that apps are allowed to access itLocation enable Windows 10
  4. Hit the Win key on your keyboard once more
  5. Type Change the date and time and click the option with the same nameWindows 10 changing date and time
  6. Toggle the following options to ON:
    1. Set time automatically
    2. Adjust for daylight saving time automatically
    3. Set time zone automaticallyConfiguring date and time settings
  7. Check that the auto-set time zone is real and accurate
  8. Launch PUBG Lite and check if you still get the error

Note: the time zone configuration method won’t work with a VPN. VPNs usually spoof your location and assign you different times (and sometimes even dates) based on your virtual location.


To wrap it up, if you’ve had enough of region errors while playing PUBG Lite, using a VPN such as Private Internet Access (buy here) might be your strongest bet.

This service can help you spoof your location so that the game won’t trigger any errors due to client-server time zone/date discrepancies.

Even if PUBG Lite starts acting up while you’re connected to your favorite VPN server, you can still fix the issue easily by choosing a different server.

The process doesn’t take too long and it’s also very intuitive and user-friendly.

More so, using a VPN might even eliminate ping-related issues and will also give you a privacy boost.

FAQ: Learn more about PUBG Lite unavailable in your region

  • How do I change my region on PUBG Lite?

You can change your PUBG Lite region by using a VPN such as PIA. Run the VPN, select a different region from the server/region list, connect to it, then launch the game. You should be connected to the region assigned by your VPN.

  • Can I use a VPN to decrease my ping in PUBG Lite?

If you use a reliable VPN service, you can improve both your ping and gameplay in PUBG Lite. We’ve handpicked 6 of the best VPNs for gamers, which will help you reduce ping.

  • Is PUBG Lite available worldwide?

PUBG Lite has gone global for a while, but you might not be able to access it from certain regions. If that’s the case, you can use a VPN to bypass the geo-restriction with ease.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in May 2020 and was revamped and updated in January 2021 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

This post was written by Vlad Constantinescu and was first posted to WindowsReport

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