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PicsArt Photo Editor for Windows 10 | Review

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Collaborating with several brands and artists such as, Disney, MTV, Taylor Swift, The Jonas Brother, Gwen Stefani, Marron 5 and many more, PicsArt Photo Editor application for Windows 10 has attracted a community of over 150 million monthly active users and influencers. Making it, one of the most popular photo editing software for Windows 10 users.

But, what makes PicsArt Photo Editor so amazing? Join me, as I explore 5 features of the PicsArt Photo Editor for Windows 10.

Feature 1: Collages

PicsArt for Windows 10 Collage sample

With over 50 presets collages, PicsArt for Windows 10 offer users an easy-to-use Collage experience.

The collage presets do not just include different arrangements of grids and horizontal boxes, they are also made up of fun and artistic layouts like broken glass.

Feature 2: Templates

Are you looking for templates for banners, party invite, Instagram photo, flyers and others? PicsArt for Windows has a built-in library of over 1,000 templates, designed with aesthetic touch. Thus, you will always find a template that will satisfy your need.

The Templates are customizable. Hence, you do not need artist degree before you can create beautiful designs.

Feature 3: Layers

  • PicsArt for Windows 10 Background sample
  • PicsArt for Windows 10 Overlays sample

PicsArt Photo Editor for Windows 10 support multiple layers.

This means that, you can separate backgrounds, stickers and other filters you have applied to your photo into layers. Then you can edit them individually, without affecting the others.

And if you decide you no longer need a filter you applied, you do not need to start undoing all the others you have applied afterwards. Just select the layer containing the effect you no longer want, and delete it.

Amazing right?

Feature 4: Filters and Tools

Now speaking about filters.

There are over 100 different filters you can apply to a photo. These filters include the ability to add colors, shadows, tones and more.

Stretch tools such as horizontal and spiral stretch allows you to stretch your photo out of this world.

And the Sketch tool enables you to take any image and turn it into a sketched masterpiece with just one click!

Features 5: Pen & Touch Screen Support

Did you buy a touchscreen laptop because you are not a fan of mouse?

If yes, then PicsArt will not force you to still go back to using a mouse because, PicsArt for Windows 10 supports devices with touch screen functionality.

So, use Handy Pen, or your hands, to improve the creativity and precision of your designs. No more relying on mouse.


PicsArt for Windows 10 is free to use, and you can get it HERE.

For ads free experience, Video editor features, hundreds of text fonts and others, you will be required to upgrade to PicsArt Gold package, which cost $3.99 monthly, or $47.99 yearly.

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