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Password is not the only way to Protect Your Router Wireless Network

Everywhere you turn to, you will keep hearing that if you want to protect your router, Mi-Fi, or modern that gives out Wi-Fi connection, you need to password protect it.

Creating strong password is no doubt a great way of keeping you wireless network safe, and if you change this password every forthwith, it will be difficult for hackers to gain access to your Wi-Fi network, and even if they do, they will not remain in the network for long.

Nevertheless, I recently learnt of another security measure which you can apply to your router wireless network. This new security measure I learnt is hiding the SSID of your router Wi-Fi network.

What is SSID

Every router or Mi-Fi or internet modern that provides internet connection via Wi-Fi has a name. This name is what is known as SSID.

If you do not understand the above explanation, here is another. When you turn on your device Wi-Fi, your device will scan the area and show you nearby routers providing internet connection via Wi-Fi connection. Each of these routers has a name, this name is what is known as SSID.

Hiding the SSID of your Router

The process of hiding the SSID of router differ from one router to another. However, there is a common rule that the hiding process follows. This is:

When you login to your router, go to the Wi-Fi setting section. That is the section where you can change the Wi-Fi password, Wi-Fi name, how many people that can connect to the Wi-Fi and others.

In the Network Name, or Wi-Fi name (that is the field where you can change the network name from) field, you will see an option either beside or below it. The option might be Broadcast SSID or Hide Network Name(SSID), no matter what the option is called, by default the option will be left either unchecked, or checked. In my own router is is checked because the option is called Broadcast SSID

Uncheck the option and click on the Save or Apply button to save your changes.

Below, I have screenshot how my router’s Wi-Fi settings page looks like and so as to give you an idea on what you are looking for.

Why hide the SSID of your Router

There is a saying that, what nobody knows, nobody inquires. This is true.

If your router Wi-Fi name does not appear when a hacker is scanning for nearby router, they will not bother trying to hack into your router.

How will you be able to Connect to your Router Wi-Fi

Now you have hidden your router from hackers, does this mean that your router is also hidden from you? Yes. So how will you be able to connect?

If when you run a Wi-Fi scan to enable your device discover your router and there is no Hidden Network shown in the result, it means that your device has an Add Network button on the scan result page.

If that is true, tap on the Add Network button, when you do, you will be asked to provide the Network name (that is the SSID that you have hidden), the type of Security your router Wi-Fi network is using and also the Wi-Fi Password of your router.

When you run the Wi-Fi discovery scan and your device show you Hidden Network in the result page, it means your device does not have the Add Network button.
In this case, tap on the Hidden Network and provide the Network Name (SSID) and Wi-Fi Password.


So what do you think about hiding the name (SSID) of your router? Will you try it?

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