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Lagos, Nigeria

Part Three – Storytelling the Book of Proverbs

Babe, I’m hungry o.

Hungry ke? You just ate less than an hour ago. At this rate you will need new trousers cos of your expanding waistline.

“I am sha hungry, and after the meal, me and you have unfinished business in ze oza room,” I said winking at her.

“Haaa, no be me and you o. You better go and jog like other people are doing,” she replied and ran into the kitchen as I tried to grab her.

My phone rang as I got up to go after her.

I picked it up and said, “hey Alex, how you dey?”

Boss, I dey bam o. How are you are doing sir?

“I am good, can only get better,” I replied.

Abeg boss quick one, I have read some of what you have written but I still dey burst my brain on how to successfully emerge from this ongoing crisis. Any pointers for your boy?

Hmmm..well, there is this Simon Sinek’s video I watched recently and he said, “What value are you offering to people who buy your product and service, how will you do that in this new changing day and age? The opportunity is what would we become and not how to preserve what we had.”

“OK. I dey with you baba,” Alex responded.

I continued, “in this time and season, there is disruption everywhere and by the time COVID-19 is over, things won’t revert to (the old) normal, there will be a new normal. The present day jobs as we know it won’t exist anymore, so new jobs will have to be created. Also, consumer habits and behaviours would have changed.”

“How Sir?” He asked.

Well, it is said that it takes 14 to 21 days to form a new habit and about 90 days to make it permanent. Most countries are on a minimum of 14 days lock-down, some lock-downs are more than 14 days and for those on an initial 14 days, extensions are very likely. Thus, new habits and behaviours are being formed during this lock-down period. Most pre COVID-19 marketing strategy might not work post COVID-19.

So what are the practical things I can do in this present time and season?

Well, some things don’t change, and the things that don’t change are more or less principles. Let me share some with you:
1. Don’t lose your grip on love and truth; carve their initials on your heart.
2. Don’t withhold good from those to whom it is due. Never walk away from someone who deserves help. What goes around, comes around.
3. Don’t envy the oppressor and choose none of his/ her ways (i.e. don’t adopt inhumane methods).
4. Get wisdom and gain understanding through books, videos, audio materials etc. Depth is key, so ensure you pay special focus to your craft and not on ongoing trends.
5. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. Basically, don’t assume you know it all.

He kept quiet for a moment and then he said, “Boss, wait small, let me get you right; I should gain understanding, but lean not on my own understanding? Is that not an irony?”

I smiled as I replied, “well, good wisdom divorced from God can become a snare. Besides, if your wisdom and understanding was enough, you won’t have any problem to contend with, would you? You probably would have created a vaccine or cure for COVID-19, right? Not leaning on your understanding means revelation is required from time to time. And revelation comes from God.”

He queried further, “so my brain no go need to think again be that?”

No o, you won’t suspend your thinking when you get the revelation; you still need to think it through in order to see it through. These are times some humans who study innovation and change live for. And just to be clear, innovation is trial and error. It is a clever way of solving a problem that involves experimenting. And when it comes to change, it is your preparation for it and your response to it that matters most.

Ok, so if I get you right, I should get ready be ready for change and be willing to innovate once the idea or revelation show face.

Exactly, be ready and willing to re-invent yourself, so you can seize the opportunities that will surely arise from this crisis.

Ok boss, I think my brain don receive air. Let me go and meditate small, and I will get back to you if I have more questions.

You go pay for this consultation o.

You na boss na, you no need my money.

If I hear…!!!

No issues sir, I go do the do.

Ok, go and sin no more.

He laughed, “thank you sir, my regards to madam and the children.”


Written by: King Olulu, not from Zulu.
Inspired by: King Solomon, not from Naija.
Source Code: Proverbs Three

Twitter @olulu4ever | Instagram @olulutheking | | +2348025070892


This poem appeared first in WordUp 411 before I shared it here.

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