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Lagos, Nigeria

Part One – Storytelling the Book of Proverbs

“It’s easy money, truckload of top quality loot,” he said and winked at me.
The other guys nodded in agreement. They had been drinking long before I got to the bar. I was still on my first bottle.
“What do we have to do?” I asked.
“We will do the hard part of ambushing them on their way from the bank. You go just be the driver.”
“Will there be guns?” I asked.
“Yes na, we go raise hell, so that nobody go try form Super Man or avengers when we dey operate,” he said aloud, and the others laughed.
He added, “join us for the time of your life. Cos with us, its all brotherly love, equal sharing no cheating.”
“Make I go piss, I dey come,” I replied.
I stepped out of the compound the bar was in and entered the makeshift urinal erected on an open gutter.

“The more you get, the less you are.”

I turned sharply to see who said that.
It was a lady with the gait of an headmistress. She looked back and I took a sharp breath.
She was beautiful enough to be stunning, yet with a matured look that commands respect.
I felt wetness on my leg, so I turned back to finish what I was doing and I zipped up.

She stopped in front of the bar and spoke out loud:
“Young minds, how long will you wallow in ignorance? How long will you feed your cynicism? How long will you refuse to learn? I’m ready to invest in you, to teach and train you. I’m ready to tell you all I know. But una dey form “too woke”, say you no see me or say una no understand my yarns. I hope say you no go laugh or yab this my advice, cos the day you go need am and call for me, I no go answer you, and no matter how hard you look, you no go see me. You hate knowledge and have nothing to do with the fear of God. You waste your time on schemes that promise easy money, and your minds fill up with cobwebs of foolishness. Don’t you see what will happen? Carelessness kills, complacency is murder, and if you say you are killing time, you are committing suicide. Anyway sha, I don talk my own, whoever listens to me, will live safely and will be secure, without fear of evil.”

She stopped, looked at me briefly and then walked away in the opposite direction.

I stared at her retreating form. This was my first time seeing her, but I have heard about her before this day. The people in the hood call her “Lady Wisdom.”

As I turned to walk away from the bar, I heard someone call my name.

To be continued…

Written by King Olulu. not from Zulu
Inspired by King Solomon, not from Naija
Source code: Proverbs One


This piece of poetry is not my work. It was first published in WordUp 411 before I shared it here.

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