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Set up a Custom Notification Tone for a WhatsApp Contact.

Waiting for a message from a love one? Set up a custom notification tone for them so that you will not keep checking WhatsApp every time you receive a new message alert.

Quote for Today | 11th May 2020

Wisdom is the application of knowledge.

Quote for Today | 10th May 2020

It takes more work and dedication to build yourself when you only finished the third grade, than it does to earn a decree or two.

Quote for Today | 9th May 2020

“A person who never made mistake, never tried anything new.” So do not be afraid to start something new.

Quote for Today | 8th May 2020

You can find happiness where you are.

How to Get Unlimited Medals in Brothers in Arms 3 for Android.

Wining each missions in Brother in Arms 3 without a deadly weapon can be very difficult, But with medals you can buy them. So I explain how to get unlimited medals in the artile.

Quote for Today | 7th May 2020

Just because a mother treats one of her child different, that does not mean preference. It just means her children have different PERSONALITIES.

Quote for Today | 6th May 2020

Gracious speech and good communication help establish and sustain peaceful relationships.

Quote for Today | 5th May 2020

If you want to enjoy life, then find Satisfaction and Contentment.

Checkboxes Makes File Moving Using Windows 10 File Explorer Easier

Moving multiple files which are not stack together from one folder to another can be frustrating. But with the Checkboxes feature in Windows 10 File Explorer, this daunting task is made easier.

Quote for Today | 4th May 2020

Great things never come from comfort zone.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

Is WhatsApp dark mode a good feature? If yes, how can I start using it in my phone? These are some of the questions I will be providing answers to.

Funny Clip For Today | 3rd May 2020

If you were the one and you were asked: “There are 5 ladies in a room, 4 are wearing trousers while only 1 is wearing gown?” what will be your answer?

HarmonyOS is Set to Push Out Windows From China

Windows, Android, MacOS and others are operating systems are soon going to be pushed out of market by HarmonyOS which is developed by Hauwei.

Quote for Today | 3rd May 2020

A nagging wife is not doing good to the family, especially to her husband.