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One billion people to receive COVID-19 vaccine communications through Twilio

As the worldwide coronavirus pandemic continues, Twilio plans to reach 1 billion people as part of vaccine rollout.

COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine

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As the COVID-19 vaccine continues to become increasingly available across the United States and worldwide, an array of tech firms are playing a critical role in the operational tasks for monitoring the rollout of the immunization. 

For instance, Twilio, the cloud communications platform, said today that it will provide 1 billion individuals with coronavirus communication services over the next 12 to 24 months. 

Twilio said its “streamline communication, distribution, coordination and administration” capabilities can provide vaccine seekers with a robust engagement platform–one that can assist when “demand outstrips global supply.”  

“Twilio is working with developers and organizations around the world to develop digital engagement solutions across all channels for vaccine logistics, distribution, appointment coordination, follow-up and more at amazing speed and scale, but we need to do more to ensure swift and equitable vaccine access globally,” said Erin Reilly, the chief social impact officer at Twilio, in a press release.

Twilio has been on the frontlines when it comes to providing tech-based assistance since the coronavirus pandemic struck. As TechRepublic reported in May 2020, the platform partnered with New York City to assist with contact tracing (seeking out individuals who contracted the virus and subsequently associated with other individuals who potentially could have become infected).

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The company said around 250 health systems are currently using communication solutions it provides, including “appointment coordination, distribution logistics, follow-up and vaccine effectiveness monitoring.” What’s more, Twilio said that more than 450 “federal, state and local governments, health services, educational institutions, NGOs and nonprofits rely on Twilio for COVID-19 communication.” 

Twilio has secured $11 million in grants to provide guidance for combating COVID, as well as product credits, for initiatives like helping with impartial access and education for underserved communities. 

“Effective communication and coordination play a critical role in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, especially while demand outstrips global supply,” Reilly said. 

Mitesh Patel, the Penn Medicine Nudge Unit director and Twilio user, is on board with increasing the conveyance of information when it comes to the virus. “Achieving effective and equitable COVID-19 vaccination relies on the ability to deliver personalized communication fast and efficiently, at global scale,” Patel said in the release.  

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that giving out the vaccine efficiently and fast has been a challenge due to the complicated roadblocks at the federal, state and local levels across the country. Twilio said it can address these. 

“While the world bands together to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine,” Twilio said in the release, “it’s crucial to continue effectively managing and communicating current and new cases to curb the spread of the virus.” 

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