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Note Taking is Easier with Windows 10 Notepad.

Note Taking is Easier with Windows 10 Notepad post thumbnail

Not everyone has a photographic memory. I don’t have it, so it is not a shame if you admit that you too do not have it.

Since we do not have a photographic memory, taking note remains the best way of preserving out thoughts, ideas and expiration especially if we want to return to them.

While there are so many fancy note taking application you can use with your Windows 10 computer, one -Notepad- stands out.

Here are the reasons.

Notepad is Free

While most of the fancy dedicated note taking and word processing applications available take a chuck off your budget, Notepad is completely free.

It has been free for 35 years now, and I believe it will continue to be free right into the indefinite future.


Notepad saves your notes as a text files.

Text files is a major component of virtually all computer’s operating systems including Windows.

So you do not need to be afraid that you will not be able to read your notes if you happen to upgrade your Windows or even if you switch to another operating systems.

More to that is the fact that virtually all word processing programs including third-party note taking apps has the ability to display the contents of a text file.

This can not be said about other note taking programs that will save your notes in a file format only them can display.

It is Lightweight

Notepad is so lightweight that in my computer, it will not take up to a seconds for Notepad to launch and ready to be used.

This can’t be said about most note taking applications which before they launch, the ideas you want to take note of have already started disappearing.

Notepad Gives you Total Control

Unlike most note taking programs that locks your notes in the cloud or behind a log in form, Notepad allows you to save, and take your note anywhere you like.

So you always know where your notes are saved in.

And as I have mentioned above, the file format in which Notepad saves your document allows you to use other apps to read and edit your note without you needing to first open the note with Notepad.

How to Use Notepad to Take Notes

Using Notepad to take notes is quite easy. just click on the Stat menu button, type Notepad and hit enter, and you’re ready to go.

You might be surprised at the ease at which you can jump right into note-taking any time you like.

A Con

A notable draw back for you not wanting to use Notepad is because it does not offer fancy text formatting feature like other note taking application.

However, you can use symbols and punctuation for simple formatting.

For example, asterisks make great bullet points, tabs can form indented lists, ALL CAPS serve as good headers, and repeated dashes or equal signs make great line separators.

Also you can also use the underscore character for _adding emphasis_

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