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New Valheim mod fixes network crashes after the latest patch

The Remove network overload mod does exactly that since the latest game patch sends any new in-game information over the network instantly instead of a one-time.

This is what a gamers noticed after installing last week’s Valheim patch:

Prior to 0.146.11, I was able to host a dedicated server just fine. However, after the patch, I noticed that as soon as someone tried to join it, my entire internet went down. Wi-fi and ethernet, the entire house lost connection. 

How to remove network overload with Valheim mod?

fix valheim network overload
  1. Download the open-source mod available on GitHub.
  2. Copy the file valheim_reenable_nagel.dll (in the zip) into the game’s plugins files – Valheim/BepInEx/plugins.

And that should do it. The fix addresses only client computers, not the server ones as well (like the Plus mod does, for instance) since apparently the issue is caused by all those joining a server.

There was yet another method tried by a few users successfully, also as clients. Namely, they attempted to re-establish their connection to the modem by resetting the browser pings value.

Reset browser pings value

reset browser ping values valheim
  1. Open Steam Settings and go to In-Game option.
  2. Reset Browser Pings / Minute to the lowest value (250).

We hope that these solutions will save the day for you to keep enjoying the captivating Valheim experience.

Note that the above-mentioned mod developers warn that after installing this one, desyncing or other issues such as crashes on the loading screen are still possible.

This mod only fixes the network overload by re-packaging smaller information packed into larger ones. So you might still experience massive lag while playing with your friends on a dedicated server.

Fortunately, until now there has been at least a tested fix for most bugs.

This post was written by Sinziana Mihalache and was first posted to WindowsReport

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