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New smart hospital platform could be the digital transformation tool healthcare needs

Zyter Smart Hospitals software promises to combine disparate systems, IoT devices, apps, and sensors into one big network of efficient, streamlined care.


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Digital health company Zyter has launched a new tool designed to turn large, complex healthcare technology deployments into a single unified smart platform.  Called Zyter Smart Hospitals, the 5G-ready platform is designed to be “an end-to-end intelligent solution that connects a hospital’s disparate data systems, departments, people, and the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology devices,” Zyter said in a press release.

Smart Hospitals uses Zyter’s existing digital communication and collaboration software to merge at-home and bedside device monitoring, patient tracking, IoT devices and sensors, asset tracking, team communication, and facilities management into a “comprehensive, intelligent solution.”

Along with merging lots of different systems into a central place, Zyter Smart Hospitals also includes a patient app that interfaces with sensors and IoT devices in hospital buildings to guide patients to appointments and parking spaces, as well as showing wait times for appointments.

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Along with the patient navigation app, Zyter highlights five other key features of the platform that, when combined, have the potential to help healthcare make the leap from siloed tech to integrated institutions: 

  • Hospital bed device monitoring, which Zyter describes as the core of the smart hospital, collects data from all of the medical devices that are connected to a patient’s bed, like blood oxygen, heart rate, IV drip rate, and other sensors. Nurses can monitor patient vital signs from outside of a patient’s room, and the platform also alerts healthcare workers to changes in patient condition.
  • Patient tracking capabilities, combined with IoT wearables, can alert healthcare providers to potential flight risks or disoriented dementia patients who leave their room or the hospital grounds, as well as providing data on sleep patterns, ECGs, exercise, and other health metrics.
  • Asset monitoring rolls hardware monitoring of things like wheelchairs, defibrillators, and other hospital equipment into a dashboard alongside medicine and vaccine monitoring. Bluetooth-connected asset tags allow for temperature monitoring of sensitive medications and can be attached to devices as small as an EpiPen, and can also track chain of custody through a device’s or medicine’s entire life cycle.
  • Facilities management software adds smart power management, lighting controls, meters, HVAC, video surveillance, and object detection into the same platform as all of its other elements, as well as adding artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help manage electricity usage.
  • Remote patient monitoring allows doctors to monitor the health of patients undergoing long-term testing or post-surgical care without patients having to be physically in the hospital. Internet-connected devices, like blood pressure monitors, scales, and glucometers, can also be configured to automatically transmit data to physicians. 

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“With Zyter, the next generation of smart and digitally connected hospitals will gain the competitive advantage of a safer and more personal patient experience, improved operational efficiencies for physicians and staff, and reduced building maintenance costs due to smarter energy management,” Zyter CEO Sanjay Govil said.

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