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New Gemini 2 feature helps keep your Mac clean in real time

There are many challenges to keeping a Mac clean. Thankfully MacPaw has simplified preventing unwanted duplicate files.


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From steering clear of security threats to pursuing Inbox Zero, maintaining a clean Mac can be challenging. With a late January update to its Gemini 2 duplicate file-cleaning utility, the MacPaw developers have done you a favor. While practicing proper security and mail messaging habits remain your responsibility, MacPaw has added real-time duplicate file-creation notification to the Gemini 2 app.

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You no longer need to remember to run the file-cleaning program, nor do you need to schedule such activities. The new Duplicates Monitor feature keeps an eye on locations you specify and generates a gentle alert whenever duplicate files are created. Whether the files in question are documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, videos or even audio files, the app’s new Duplicates Monitor catches the redundancies.

Never fear. The resulting duplicate file alerts don’t ring jolting alarms or interrupt the work you’re doing. Instead, the Gemini 2 menu bar icon generates a small window, while the menu bar icon updates its look to include a yellow dot. The resulting pop-up window, as shown in Figure A, offers simple options to review or remove the duplicate file.

Figure A


Gemini 2’s Duplicates Monitor generates helpful alerts whenever duplicate files are created within locations you specify.

Erik Eckel

When an alert appears, you can continue working as you were. To close an alert, just click somewhere outside the pop-up window. Later you can click the Gemini 2 menu bar icon to view recently found duplicates, perform a duplicate file scan, open the application or even access the program’s preferences, as shown in Figure B.

Figure B


Gemini 2’s menu bar icon permits reviewing recently created duplicate files, running file scans, and more.

Erik Eckel

Purposefully creating duplicates as part of a project you’re completing? That’s no trouble. Just remove the corresponding folder from Gemini 2’s monitoring by opening the program’s preferences, clicking the Duplicates Monitor tab and removing the respective folder in which you’re working from Monitored Folders, as shown in Figure C.

Figure C


You can customize the locations Gemini 2’s Duplicates Monitor guards.

Erik Eckel

Let’s cut to the chase: There’s much to worry about right now. From work-at-home stress to pandemic concerns to other pressures, Gemini 2 simply eliminates one small but ever-present worry. With new Macs defaulting to smaller storage drives than in the past, having a small, unobtrusive utility guarding against duplicate file creation and cluttered drives means there’s one less task for you to track. And that’s how success is often achieved: By collecting multiple incremental accomplishments.

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Previous Gemini 2 owners will be happy to hear the Duplicate Monitor is a free new feature. Existing users can download program updates by opening the app, clicking Gemini 2 from within the menu bar and selecting Check for Updates.

Mac users who haven’t previously used Gemini 2 can download the application for free from Apple’s App Store. A free trial provides full access to the program’s features for three days. A one-year subscription, meanwhile, runs $19.95 for one Mac or $29.95 for two systems. 

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