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Now that you have to stay home more time than before, one of your new best friends is surely Netflix. You have to do something with all that extra time, and catching up with what Netflix has to offer is a great option.

But, you could be missing out on what Netflix has to offer if you’re not aware of what Netflix has to offer. For example, you can create you’re watching list to always pick up where you left off or save a new show you’ve been meaning to watch for later.

How to Add a Show to Your Watch List

When you come across a show or movie you want to add to your Watch List, adding it to the list is very easy. Select the show/movie and at the bottom left, you should see the Watch option. Tap on it, and the show/movie will be added to the list automatically. To access your list, just tap on the My List option at the top right of the main page.

How to Download a Netflix Movie or Series for Offline Viewing

If you want to download a movie for those times when your Internet decides not to work, the download button will be near the bottom left. When you tap on the download button, you can see how much time is left until the download is complete. If you change your mind, tap on the stop button the download button turns into and choose Cancel Download.

Once you’ve downloaded the movie or episode, all you have to do to watch it is open it as you normally would. Tap on the play button and enjoy it. When you’re done with the content, you can erase it by going to Downloads > Tap on the episode, followed by the blue checkmark to the episode’s right. To erase all downloads tap on the More option > App Settings/Settings > Downloads > Delete All Downloads.

Discover What Shows Are Coming and Leaving Netflix

Ever wonder what shows are coming to Netflix or which ones are leaving? There’s a site called Flixable where you can see what’s popular on Netflix, Which shows are coming and leaving.

Don’t forget to also check out JustWatch. This site offers a quiz to get to know your movie taste, so its recommendations are the best. It also lets you find what new on Netflix, but it doesn’t have a What’s Leaving tab, so you know what shows will be removed. The site design is nicer, though.

You can also visit the Netflix YouTube channel that’s updated frequently. You won’t have to scroll very much to see what’s new in October and other things that might be of interest to you. If you like what you see, don’t forget to click on the subscribe button.

How to Find Netflix Shows Similar to the Ones You’ve Liked

So you’ve finished watching a show you’ve liked on Netflix. So, now what? Instead of wasting time looking for a similar show to watch, why not use the More Like This option.

How to Find Netflix Shows with No Opening Credits

While some people want to see a show’s opening credits, others couldn’t care less. If you want to skip the opening credits and start watching the show as soon as possible, there’s a way to avoid them.

IMDb has a filter where not only can you have only shows with no opening credits appear in the search results, but you can also find shows with keywords such as Brawl, Rescue, Revenge, Slow motion scene, and many more. If you only want to see the best-rated Tv shows on Netflix, scroll down, and the shows will be listed from the best-rated show, then the second, and so on.


Netflix has various ways their users can find the shows they like. The faster you can find something to watch the better. The last thing you may want to do is spend too much time looking for something to only see that your lunch hour is gone.

This post was written by Judy Sanhz and was first posted to Technipages

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