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Microsoft’s “Power Automate Desktop” Is Now Free and Can Do Your Work for You

A person setting up actions in Power Automate Desktop

A person setting up actions in Power Automate Desktop

If you work in a tech job or pursue a hobby that leaves you performing identical sequences over and over again every day, you probably wish you could automate that process somehow. But automation software that runs a computer for you is expensive and unwieldy. Or it was expensive anyway, as Microsoft just made its Power Automate Desktop software free for everyone to use.

While you can download Power Automate Desktop today, according to Microsoft, it will soon include it in Windows Insider builds, suggesting it may become a standard part of Windows. Power Automate Desktop is a bit like a super-powered macro program. You can set it up to rapidly perform sequences of actions and repeat them if necessary.

That’s useful for automating testing if you’re a programmer, for instance. But it has other potential uses, like moving data from one app to another, such as Word to Excel. Better yet, you don’t need to know how to code to use Power Automate Desktop; it’s all done through a drag-and-drop user interface. And it comes with 370 pre-built actions you can take advantage of out of the box.

Previously, you needed a subscription to use Power Automate Desktop, and at the cost of $15 per user per month, it added up quickly. But making it free for every user wipes that away and expands its usefulness by lowering the barrier of entry.

You can download Power Automate Desktop from Microsoft today.

Source: Microsoft

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