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In this quick guide, we’ll show how you can delete chat and channel messages on Microsoft Teams. By the way, did you know you can also edit your messages?

So, there’s no need to permanently delete them as long as you can quickly fix that typo or correct that inaccurate piece of information.

Steps to Edit Messages in Teams

You can edit any message you sent to a chat or channel. Moreover, you can edit that message as many times as necessary.

  1. Select the message you want to edit.
  2. Click on the More menu (the three dots).
  3. Then select Edit. Go ahead and edit the message.edit teams message
  4. Hit the Enter key to send out the new version of the message.

Steps to Delete a Message Sent in Teams

If editing your message doesn’t help, you can simply delete it.

  1. Select the message you want to delete.
  2. Then click on More (the three dots).
  3. Select the Delete button.delete chat message ms teams

How to Remove a Message You Haven’t Sent Yet

If you want to delete a message that you haven’t sent yet, expand the Format options, and select Delete.

delete unsent message ms teams

You’ll be asked if you really want to discard the message draft. Confirm your choice.

discard draft message ms teams

Learn More About Deleting Messages on MS Teams

How do I delete all the messages in a Teams channel? 

Individual Teams users can only delete their own messages from the channel. Only MS Teams admins are allowed to clear a channel’s history. They are the only ones who can remove messages from other Teams users.

How do I permanently delete the chat history in Microsoft Teams?

Individual Teams users cannot delete the entire chat history. As a workaround, you can hide that chat from your chat list. Simply select the chat, click on More and select Hide.

hide chat microsoft teams

This is an excellent way to keep your Teams account clutter-free.

Does deleting a message in Teams remove it for everyone? When you delete your message from a chat or channel conversation in Teams, that message gets deleted for everyone. But all the other chat or channel participants will know you deleted that message.

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