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Guest access is a very handy Microsoft Teams feature that allows organizations to collaborate with guests, aka people outside the organization. After you send out the invite, your guest collaborations need to click on the invite link to accept the invitation. But this is the moment when the “Invitation redemption failed” error may sometimes rear its ugly head.

What Causes This Error?

  • The admin forgot to sync the identity of the guest user in their organization’s cloud. Simply put, the guest account is not visible in the cloud.
  • Now, if the account is already visible in the on-premises environment, maybe it has not yet been exported to Cloud Azure AD.
  • The email address is already associated with another account in a pre-existing Azure AD tenant.

How to Fix “Invitation Redemption Failed” Error

Try Again Later

Maybe this is only a temporary issue. Restart your computer and router. Then wait patiently for a couple of minutes and click on the invite link again. If the “Invitation redemption failed” error was initially triggered by some unexpected server issues, it should be gone now.

Remove the Problematic User Account

Try removing the problematic user account from the team. Then send another invite. Check if deleting the account and resending the invite worked. Keep in mind that sometimes you may need to delete the account from Azure AD and redo the invite several times for this method to work.

delete guest user azure AD

This time around, make sure that:

  • The guest account has been successfully synced in your organization’s cloud. Once this step completed, guest users should be able to accept the invitation.
  • If the account is available in the on-premises environment, include the user in the sync scope in order to export the profile to Cloud Azure AD. For more information, see Troubleshooting Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration.
  • The email address is not associated with another Azure AD tenant account.

Try a Different Browser

If you’re getting this error on the web version of Microsoft Teams, switch to a different browser. Check if you can accept the invite.


Troubleshooting the “Invitation redemption failed” error on Microsoft Teams is not an easy task. Resending the invitation and syncing the user account to your organization’s cloud is pretty much all that you can do to fix this issue.

But sometimes nothing works. In this case, contact Microsoft Teams Support for further help.

Did you find other ways to fix the “Invitation redemption failed” error? Hit the comments below.

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