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When you open multiple Teams tabs, the app constantly asks you if you’re still there. This is, basically, the norm when you use Microsoft Teams Online and you launch several tabs in your browser.

Many users really hate these messages, and rightfully so. Getting constantly prompted to confirm you’re still there can become really disruptive. Not to mention that Teams may sometimes chuck you out of your meeting or reset the page you’re currently working on. So, let dive right in and see what you can do about the annoying “Are you still there” messages Teams keeps bombarding you with.

How Do I Stop Microsoft Teams from Asking if I’m Still Here?

As a workaround, try to limit the number of Teams tabs you open in your browser. Alternatively, you can use the desktop app and Teams Online at the same time. Try using different browsers and check if you notice any improvements. Unfortunately, there’s no solution to permanently turn off “Are you still there” messages in Teams at the time of writing.

It seems this Teams behavior is designed to cut down the sync time. That’s why it occurs when using two or more sessions or tabs at the same time. By asking you if you’re still there, Teams sort of wants to ensure it’s worth syncing all the tabs you opened.

Microsoft really needs to improve multi-tab support on Teams. After all, having multiple functional tabs is a must in today’s multitasking-focused work and school environment.

Meanwhile, if you agree the Redmond giant should allow users to disable the annoying “Are you still there” messages in Teams, you can upvote this idea on the Microsoft Teams UserVoice website.


Microsoft Teams regularly prompts you to confirm you’re still there to reduce active tabs’ sync time. However, if you click “I’m back,” the app will automatically reload your page, which could potentially fail to save your current documents.

What’s your stance on Microsoft Teams’ “Are you still there” messages? Do you agree Microsoft should permanently remove these alerts? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

This post was written by Madalina Dinita and was first posted to Technipages

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