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Making your Android Phone Notification Panel Unique | Power Shade Preview.

Making your Android Phone Notification Panel Unique - Power Shade Preview post thumbnail

The Notification panel of your Android smartphone is the top most and most frequently used section of your phone. It is that part that you slide down so as to see who sent you a message, turn on your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection, adjust your screen brightness and more.

The Notification panel is sometimes referred to as Notification bar. So, in this article, if I use either Notification panel or Notification bar, I am talking about the same thing.

The design and appearance of the Notification panel is usually determined by which version of Android your phone is running. Or if you are the type that loves Android themes, then, the theme you apply can modify the notification panel appearance.

But whether the notification panel appearance is determined by the version of Android on your phone, or the theme you applied, Android OS and Android themes, does not give you the ability to customize the appearance of the notification panel.

Does that mean that any attempt to customize the Notification bar is hopeless? Not at all!
Power Shade, and Android app by Treydev Inc. is developed basically for that purpose.

An Intro to Power Shade

As mentioned above, Power Shade is an Android application that is developed basically for the purpose of giving its users the ability to customize the Notification panel and Quick settings the way they want.

Hence, users seeking a beautiful Notification bar do not need to upgrade their smartphone to one with a different Android OS version, neither do they need to keep changing themes.

Just head to Google Play Store, search for Power Shade, install and enable the app, and you are set. You are set to unleash your full creative power in customizing the Notification panel of your Android smartphone.

Here is the direct download link to the Power Shade App in the Google Play Store.

Features of the Power Shade App

Apart from giving you full customization privilege over the layout, background and color of all the elements in the Notification panel, Power Shade app also has amazing extra features. These are:

  • Once you have a notification, you can either attend to it now, or snooze it if you do not have it time now. This is better than dismissing, though you have that option as well.
  • Notifications from apps that spam your Notification panel by displaying multiple notification thread, will be auto bundled into 1.
  • Want to reply to a message you just received, but do not want to open the message app? Power Shade got you covered, as it comes with a quick reply feature that will enable you to reply to messages as soon as you get them, right from the Notification bar.
  • Power Shade also give you full customization over the Quick setting panel.
  • And the Status bar shade can also be change if you decide to install and use the Power Shade app.

So, what do you think about this app? Me, I think it is amazing.

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