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Making Facebook Messenger More Private and Secure.

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Facebook Messenger, the default chatting app for all Facebook users, and a free, yet instant messaging app for none Facebook users. Facebook is planning 2 new updates for this chat app which is geared towards making it more secure and private.

Here are the 2 new planned features.

Feature 1: Who can Send you Message.

Coming soon is a feature that will allow you to choose who can send you messages.

Previously, everyone on Facebook, or everyone who has your contact number, is able to initiate a chat with you on Facebook Messenger. Though their messages will go to the Request folder and not your Inbox.

However, with this new feature, you can specify that, only your friends, and those to which you are following will be able to send you messages.

This means that, just because someone has access to your Facebook public profile, or to your Messenger mobile number, does not mean they can connect with you via private chat on Messenger.

Feature 2: Simplifying your Responses to Chat Requests

Now, if someone who is not your Facebook friend, or who you have not added to your Messenger contact did send you a media message, Messenger automatically download the media so you can view them.

This is about to change as with the new update coming to Facebook Messenger, you will now have the choice to either download the media in the message from people you do not know, or leave it altogether.

This is a similar feature to the ones that already exist for Instagram and WhatsApp users.

Availability of the Features

Facebook says that they are still working on this new feature update. But, they will notify the public, and provide more details when the start testing them.

In the main time, you are encouraged to visit the Privacy and Safety Hub of Facebook, to learn of more ways you can protect your privacy and remain safe while on Facebook Messenger.

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