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Make Chrome Browser Faster | Disable Resource-Intensive Extensions

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Chrome browser for computer is one of the most popular web browsers. It is so popular that, Google (the developers of the Chrome browser), have to build an operating system (OS) known as the Chrome OS, and also laptops (known as Chromebook) in connection with Chrome browser.

But, what makes the Chrome browser so popular? It is because of the so many extensions that is available to Chrome browser users.

Chrome Browser Extensions.

Extensions are third-party application, that are developed with the intention of extending the functionality of Google Chrome browser beyond it basic ability of being used to access websites.

What I mean is, Chrome browser extensions are like the apps you install on your smartphone. So that your smartphone can not only be used for making calls and sending SMS.

Dark side to Extensions

While Chrome extensions are there to make the Chrome browser more productive, having too many Extensions can actually make it slower (lagging) and even cause Chrome to start hanging.

Unlike smartphone application that only runs when you launch the app, Extensions do not wait till when you click on them before they start working.

As soon as you launch the Chrome browser, the installed extensions will start executing the processes needed for it to function automatically.

Resource-Intensive Chrome Extensions

These are Chrome extension installed in your Chrome browser that requires more computing power (CPU), and memory (RAM) in order to function.

For example, an ads blocker extension requires less resource when compared to an online game enhancement extension.
In this example, the game enhancement extension is a Chrome Resource-Intensive Extension.

The Bright side to Chrome Extensions

Unlike most browsers, the Google Chrome browser gives you 2 options when you notice that an extension you rarely use, is resource intensive and is making Chrome slow or even causing it to hang.

These two options are: (1) disable the extension process for the current browsing session, (2) disable or remove the extension from Chrome. I will now, explain how to do both.

Option 1: Disable resource-intensive Chrome Extension process for the Current Browsing Session

As I earlier said, immediately you open the Chrome browsers, all the installed extensions will start executing all the necessary process that will enable them to work. You do not need to initiate this process, it is done automatically.

Thankfully, with this option, you can stop those process, without removing (uninstalling) the extension from the Chrome browser. To stop the process(es) of resource-intensive Chrome extensions, do the following:

Open the Task Manager of the Chrome browser. You do this by:
Click on the Option menu icon, that is, the 3 vertical dots at the top-right, then click on More Tools and then on Task Manager.
Alternatively, you can use the Task Manager keyboard shortcut key, which is Shift + Esc to open it.

Once the Task Manager opens, it will show all the active browsing tabs including all the extension process(es).
Check the Memory Footprint and CPU usage against the list of active extension process. If you discover any that is using a lot of memory, and you do not really need them right away, select, right-click and click End Process.

Repeat the step above for all other extension processes that are resource-intensive, so that your Chrome browser will be able to work much faster.

Note however, that this option will only stop the Extension processes for the current browsing session. What this means is that, if you happen to restart the Chrome browser, the processes you stopped previously, will start again automatically.

To put an end to this permanently, you will need to either disable the extension or remove it from the Chrome browser completely. This is where option 2 comes into play.

Option 2: Disable or Remove Chrome Extension that are Resource-Intensive.

Open the Extensions Manager after you have launched Chrome. You do this by:
Click on the Option menu icon, that is, the 3 vertical dots at the top-right, then click on More Tools and then on Extensions.
Alternatively, you can copy and paste, chrome://extensions/ into the address bar and hit the Enter button on your keyboard, to open the Extensions Manager.

Once it opens, you will see all the installed Extensions. Go through the list, find the one you rarely use, and then click on either the:

Disable button: This will prevent the Extension from starting any process automatically. But the Extension will still be in the Chrome browser. Hence, to use the feature again, you have to Enable it, from the Extension Manager, and refresh the tab you want the Extension to work on.

Remove or Uninstall button: This will remove the Extension from the Chrome browser completely. If you wish to use the Extension feature again, you will need to install the extension again from the Chrome Appstore and then Enable it from the Extension Manager.

So, there you have it.

Those are the two ways of disabling or removing resource-intensive extension from your Chrome browser, so that it will be faster and not lag.

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