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Lose no Trading Money as Deposit on is now FREE!

Lose no Trading Money as Deposit on is now FREE post thumbnail

Service: CryLab is a very unique bitcoin exchange and trading platform, because it allows you to trade cryptocurrency using fiat currency such as, the United States Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Pound sterling (GBP), and Russian ruble (RUB).

What this means is that you no longer have to choose a specific cryptocurrency to be your base currency for trading. And for this reason, CEX is loved and trusted by many.

When Depositing

When a user deposit money into their account, they are usually charged a deposit fee by the crypto trading platform they are using. This is so that the exchange platform will be able to cover the expenses incurred in processing the deposited amount from the user’s bank.

In the case of users that uses their Visa debit or credit card to deposit, they are usually charged 2.99% of their total deposit, as fee.

That is almost 3% of your hard earn money gone, just because you made a transfer. Well, the good news is, this has changed.

0% Deposit Fee for Visa users

To be more specific, the good news is, has decided to reduce the deposit fee for deposit made with either a Visa debit or Visa credit card to 0%!

Isn’t that lovely? Of course, it is.

What This Means

With the deposit fee reduced to zero percent, you no longer have to fear losing a portion of your hard-earned money to deposit fee.

Hence, you will have 100% of the money you deposited, so that you can start trading.

Terms of this Adjustment

The 0% deposit fee is only available to deposit made with either a Visa debit or Visa credit card.

Deposit should be made in USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB. Deposit made in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency does not qualify to receive this zero percent deposit fee offer. After your deposit have been processed, then you can use it to buy any cryptocurrency of your choice.

This 0% deposit fee move is a PROMO lasting for only a week. That is from August 17 through August 23 at 23:59:59 UTC. Starting from August 24, the zero percent fee for Visa deposit will be discontinued and the 2.99% deposit fee will resume.

So, cash in this opportunity now, while the offer still stands.


Do not have a cryptocurrency trading account? Click > HERE < to Sign up now for free.

Have an account already, and want to benefit from the zero percent deposit fee? Click >>> HERE <<< to make your deposit.

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