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Look At This Baby Yoda Bike, Y’all

The Baby Yoda and Mandalorian bikes facing each other on a white background

If you’ve been reading Review Geek, How-to Geek, or any of my other work for any amount of time, you know that I’m an avid (and obsessive) cyclist. And normally, I wouldn’t pedal “box store” bikes (literally or figuratively), but these stupid Mandalorian bikes are just too good to not at least look at. Mostly the Baby Yoda one.

And yeah, I know—he’s technically called “The Child” and all that, but c’mon. Even if he’s not Baby Yoda, he’s Baby Yoda. You know what I’m saying?

Anyway, first, look at it:

The Baby Yoda bike, which features a black and green paint scheme and Yoda's little pod thing on the front. It's cute.

Okay so for the most part it’s just a normal, potentially (and probably) awful, kid’s bike. It has training wheels, a coaster brake, 12-inch wheels, and all that other stuff. But it also has the little Baby Yoda … pod … thing. On the front! Like a little basket.

Not gonna lie here—I would strongly consider putting the little pod on my gravel bike if it were sold separately, even if just for funsies on noodling rides. As my colleague Michael pointed out in Slack, if you can close the pod, it is pretty aerodynamic. I’m in. Let me get that Baby Yoda please and thank you.

If your kid is more of a Mando fan(do), there’s also a bike with his helmet instead of the Yoda Pod. While Mando’s helmet isn’t as cool as Baby Yoda, the bike itself does look better, at least aesthetically. This bike has 16-inch wheels, so it’s a bit bigger than the Baby Yoda model. That’s a shame if you have an older kid who prefers Yoda to Mando.

The Mando bike, which features a silver and red paint scheme and Mando's helmet on the front. It's not as cute but it looks cooler I guess.

I’d be willing to be that both of these bikes are by and large mostly not great, but oftentimes that’s fine for a kid who is just going to outgrow it in like nine days anyway.

The Baby Yoda model will set you back $119, while Mando goes for $10 more at $129. Hit the buttons below to buy directly from Disney if you’re into it. There’s also a $45 Baby Yoda scooter if that’s more your kid’s speed.

via AllEars; Thanks, Corbin!

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