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One of the things you should make sure of with any computer is that it is running at the highest resolution your screen offers. A higher resolution means that you have the best image quality possible, however, it does require more processing power, so if your computer is struggling you could try reducing the resolution. To manage the resolution, press the Super key, then type “Display” and hit enter.

Tip: The “Super” key is the name that many Linux distributions use to refer to the Windows key or the Apple “Command” key, while avoiding any risk of trademark issues.

Press the Super key, then type “Display” and hit enter.

The “Resolution” you pick should be the native resolution of your monitor and will generally be the recommended setting. “Native resolution” refers to the physical number of pixels in your monitor. The “Refresh Rate” is how many times your screen updates per second, typically this will be 60Hz, unless you specifically have a high refresh rate monitor.

“Rotation” is used to rotate the displayed image to match a rotated monitor, this is only really useful if you have chosen to mount your monitor vertically rather than horizontally. “Use interface scale” provides a couple of preconfigured settings for interface scaling that may help users on large monitors or who prefer larger interfaces. “Fractional scaling” allows you to manually configure more precise scaling settings to your personal preferences.

The resolution settings allow you to configure the detail the monitor can show.

If you have multiple displays, you can individually configure the settings for each monitor by selecting the monitor in the “layout” panel at the top. If you’d prefer to have the same image shown on each monitor rather than having them run independently, you can enable “Mirror displays”.

You can independently manage multiple monitors or mirror one to the other.

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