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LinkedIn gives COVID-19 vaccination distribution a boost

The platform is connecting healthcare professionals to volunteers and paid support opportunities to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.


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LinkedIn says it is extending the commitment it made last April to assist in the global battle with the coronavirus pandemic. The company is using its platform to further slow the spread of COVID-19 by connecting organizations in the vaccine effort that need both medical and non-medical volunteers, as well as paid support staff with those who are eager and available to help. The goal is to allow frontline healthcare workers to continue to support hospitalizations. The announcement, Helping COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Efforts, is now available on LinkedIn’s website.

The rollout of help will happen in two ways, according to the announcement:

  1. All healthcare organizations, pharmacies, and governments that have hiring needs in direct support of vaccine distribution can post jobs for registered nurses, medical assistants, and pharmacy technicians, and others for free on LinkedIn through May 15, 2021. Job seekers/LinkedIn members will be able to find these jobs through push notifications, real-time alerts in the LinkedIn feed and in the job search.
  2. Secondly, LinkedIn will offer free ads to select nonprofits and disaster response organizations that are recruiting a minimum of 1,000 volunteers to help distribute the COVID-19 vaccines through June 30, 2021, including Team Rubicon and California Volunteers, Office of the Governor. It is also providing free ads to organizations that will disseminate critical information on COVID-19 vaccines such as the UN Verified Initiative and The Ad Council

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The firm has also committed to actively monitor and subsequently remove any misinformation regarding the coronavirus vaccine on the LinkedIn platform. Members will also be able to report any misinformation.

LinkedIn’s original commitment was made on April 1, 2020, and the goal was to help fill critical jobs on the front line. It offered sectors with urgent hiring needs to post jobs on LinkedIn for free for three months. The sectors included hospitals, nonprofits working on coronavirus disaster relief, and essential services including supermarkets, package delivery, and warehousing companies.

It also used the LinkedIn homepages to tag critical frontline healthcare jobs, such as doctors and nurses as urgent. Lastly, LinkedIn expanded its now-shuttered Recruiting for Good program, which helped organizations source and screen talent.

That same week, LinkedIn also worked in tandem with the World Health Organization’s World Health Day to celebrate professionals and experts on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. It unveiled a special edition of LinkedIn Top Voices list, highlighting the healthcare experts who are covering the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Within months of the April 2020 commitment, LinkedIn supported filling 330,000 of the much-needed jobs by delivering 4.8 million job applications from its members.

For anyone interested in finding a role to support the vaccine rollout, you can discover opportunities (i.e. resources for organizations that serve underrepresented groups).

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