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Let’s Get Medieval: LEGO’s New Blacksmith House Celebrates the Middle Ages

LEGO Medieval Blacksmith's house set

Here’s one for the history books: the latest LEGO Idea to get approved is the Medieval Blacksmith’s house. Instead of focusing on medieval knights or royals, the set focuses on the unsung heroes of the era—blacksmiths. Plus, it shows off the iconic architecture, as well, like lattice windows, stone, and timber-framed walls.

The concept was originally submitted by LEGO superfan Clemens Fiedler (aka Namirob), who commented “I love building classical house designs and honouring all the great attention to detail you can recreate with LEGO elements—especially medieval architecture styles, colours and design. I hope fellow LEGO fans will enjoy traveling back in time; sense the heat, sounds and smells from the forge and anvil and soak up the atmosphere of this classical creative craft as they build the set.”

The medieval set is a nice change of pace for those who love the look and feel of that era but want a change of pace from castles, dragons, and battles. The scene includes a multi-level cottage, a garden (complete with a squash patch and apple tree), four Minifigures, weapons, and animals. The roof and top two levels are removable, so you can easily view the cottage interior and blacksmith work area, like the furnace and bellows.

Close-up of LEGO Medieval Blacksmith set

Minifigures include the blacksmith, of course, along with an archer and two Black Falcon Knights with four swords, three shields, and a halberd. Animals include a small tree frog, a pet dog, and a horse to pull the knight’s supply cart. The colors and textures of the set go a long way for setting the scene and, frankly, make you want more similar builds so that you might create an entire medieval town.

“We loved the idea of creating a small blacksmith’s house on the outskirts of the medieval world, where every knight goes for a set of shining armour. Without doubt, fans will be fascinated by the workings of the forge, the architectural details and the characters they find there when they build this set,” stated Samuel Thomas Liltorp Johnson, Design Manager at the Lego Group.

The LEGO Medieval Blacksmith Set is on sale on LEGO’s website, and will be available in retail stores starting on February 1.

Source: LEGO

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