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Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat Using Psiphon Pro VPN

MTN free Browsing cheat psiphon pro

Get your MTN SIM, insert it in your Android phone, open Psiphon Pro and start browsing free. Free browsing can’t get any better with the latest Psiphon Pro VPN free browsing trick currently working without special settings.

This new MTN free browsing is plug and play in the sense that once you install and start Psiphon Pro app, your phone is ready to browse for free without data or airtime.

This cheat is something we should be happy of especially, Nigerians where free browsing cheat has been really scarce and difficult to get.

So I think you should utilize this golden opportunity to have free access to the internet.

The funny thing about this cheat is that it’s not yet known to most MTN users while the few that are aware of it are Blazing and smiling.

In this Blog MokoWeb.Com, we usually don’t keep these things to ourselves but we share so that others will also benefit.

There are many things you can do with an internet data ranging from reading things online, chatting on social media, streaming videos online and even downloading files.

Having said that, let’s go straight to the main topic which is MTN free browsing with Psiphon Pro.


How to To Connect Psiphon to Browse

No special settings needed for this cheat. All you need is just enable data connection, open Psiphon Pro and tap on START.

MTN free Browsing cheat psiphon pro

A pop-up will appear asking you to allow the app to setup VPN connection in your phone. Just allow it.

It should connect within 6 seconds.

Who is Eligible?

All MTN subscribers are eligible for this cheat as long as you are in an area adequately covered with MTN internet network.

Note you must also use the updated version of Psiphon Pro or Psiphon Lite VPN app.

What is the Data Cap?

From my observations and the information gathered so far, I can’t confirm that the cheat is unlimited but capped at varied data volumes.

Some people told me they were able to use only 1GB before it stopped while another stated that he has used more than 18GB and still counting.

Meanwhile, I personally have used more than 3GB so far.

Unfortunately, I also got few negative messages from some people that said it didn’t work for them with 0.0kb in their SIM but works anytime there is data in it.

So it’s left for you to try it out and let me know your observations.

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