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Lake Game Achievements | Guide to getting Them.

Lake Game Achievements | Guide to getting Them. post thumbnail

In the Lake game, you take the role of Meredith who has a busy career at a software company in the big city. She took a vacation to her hometown, were she fill in for her dad, the local mail carrier.

While playing the game, there are about 10 hidden achievements in total, which you might end up finishing the game without unlocking. So, if you continue reading, you will learn how to achieve all of them.

Lake game Achievements and Guide to Achieve Them.

Cat Lover

On your first day, when you stop at Mildred the cat lady, she will ask you to drive her cat to Burt, the fisherman, because the cat is sick. If you accept to help, Burt Mackey’s house address will show up in your map. Simply take the cat to Burt.

The next day, pick up the cat from Burt’s house, and return to Mildred. Once you do, the Cat Lover achievement will be unlocked, and you will be rewarded with 100G.

Higher Ground

On your map, you will notice that there is a thin road not far from the Post Office. At the end of the thin road is a white church. The church is located on top of a hill.

So, simply drive up to it, and the Higher Ground achievement will be unlocked. The reward for the achievement is also 100G.

Free Spirit

Be nice to Mickey and June when you deliver letter to the campground. When they want to leave for Canada, choose to tell them goodbye and they will give you their RV.

Also, throughout the game, you will have opportunity to interact with Angie. Be nice to her also, even when she ask for a kiss or hug, say yes.

If you do, on the final day, Angie will show up and ask you if you will like to leave with her in the RV. Simply choose yes and wait until the achievement pops just before the credits roll.

Life in the Fast Lane

As the Lake game is coming to its end, you will be presented with different situations where you will be persuaded to remain in the post office. Angie and Robert may even be used to persuade you to stay.

Simply turn them down, and make every possible decision to go back to the big city as a programmer. And this Lake achievement will be unlocked.

Although it is a bad ending to the game, you will end up being rich because of this decision.

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To unlock this Lake achievement, be nice to Robert and help him with his anti-deforestation campaign by doing paperwork with him and recording the campaign message on the radio.

Stay with Robert up to the final conversation for this achievement to be unlock. The reward for this achievement is also 100G.

Movie Carrier

Another achievement in the Lake game is the Movie Carrier achievement which reward is also 100G.

To unlock this achievement, offer to help Angie with a marketing idea and bring a portable movie box to the townspeople when you deliver a package at Angie’s Flick Shack, a movie rental place.

After your acceptance to help, take the mover box to Lori at the garage, and help her to choose a movie. It does not matter whether she chooses to watch the movie you recommend or not, just offer to help her out. The next day, pick up the movie box at Lori’s and return to Angie.

After that, take the movie box to Burt Mackey’s house, and also, offer to help him decide which movie to watch. The next day when you pick up the movie box from Burt’s to return to Angie Flick Shack, the achievement will be unlocked.

Metal Detector

Anytime you have to deliver a mail to the farm, be on the lookout for Andy the detectorist. When you see him, do not ignore him, stop and have a chat with him.

He is usually not far from the road leading to the farm. After your chat, this Lake game achievement should be unlocked and you will be rewarded with 100G.


Another Lake game achievement is the Workaholic achievement.

After your day at the post office, you will likely get a call from either your parents or your boss Steve. When Steve call asking for your help, offer to help him out.

The second night after you have helped Steve out, this achievement will be unlocked.

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Shutter Bug

There is a lady called Nancy at the general store close to the post office. On September 5, go to her, and after she have complained about being asked to develop photos and having to test the camera herself, offer to help take the pictures for her.

When she hands the camera over to you, take a total of 12 pictures, and return the camera to her. If you are not able to return the camera that same day, do not worry, you can return it the next day.

After you have returned it, wait another day for Nancy to develop the photos, then go back to her the next working day and help her pick a photo to submit for the contest. After making your choice, the achievement will be unlocked.

Tower Watcher

Drive to the Watch Tower, as marked on the map, and go all the way up. Upon reaching the top floor, the achievement should pop.

NOTE: If you choose to meet Kay at the Watch Tower during the story, you’ll also go up there automatically, but this will not be enough to trigger the achievement, even though it will now show up on the map.

That is it. All 10 Lake game achievements and how to unlock them.

At the end of September 12, make a save file. This is so that when next you want to play the game with a different ending, you can load it and not loose your achievements.

If you are new to the Lake game, it is available for Windows, Steam, Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X, and Xbox series S.

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