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The modern internet is filled with adverts, they’re hard to avoid and often excessively intrusive. Pretty much everyone understands that websites need to be paid for somehow, and adverts are a better option than having to pay to access a website. Unfortunately, the advertising industry, and a lot of websites have taken advantage and display excessive adverts or disrupt actual content to the detriment of the user’s experience.

It’s not uncommon to find adverts that flash or use moving images, these can be distracting and can eat into limited monthly data caps. In the worst cases, some adverts include sound on websites that otherwise wouldn’t have sound or overlay the content in an attempt to get you to click on it by accident.

On top of all this, advertising companies also employ tracking cookies with their adverts to track your activities across the web. This lets them build up a very detailed “Interest profile” of topics that they believe you’re interested in. Your interest profile is then used to target adverts to you, in an attempt to make you more likely to click on an ad and buy a product.

Ad-blockers are a useful tool to avoid all of this. They use community-generated rules to prevent your browser from ever requesting the URL of an advert. This means you don’t waste the data downloading “content” you don’t want and minimizes the effectiveness of tracking scripts.

For a long time, ad-blockers were restricted to desktop browsers via extensions. Many mobile browsers are now building in ad-blockers now.

Enabling the ad-blocker

To enable the ad-blocker in the Kiwi browser on Android, you need to first tap the triple-dot icon in the top-right corner of the app.

Tap the triple-dot icon in the top-right corner of the app.

To enable the ad-blocker tap “Hide annoying ads” in the drop-down menu, so that the checkbox is ticked.

Tap the “Hide annoying ads” checkbox, so it is ticked.

Tip: You may need to refresh open webpages for the ad-blocking to take effect.

This post was written by Mel Hawthorne and was first posted to Technipages

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