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Key ways to embrace the hybrid cloud

NTT report highlights how the combo approach is becoming the go-to model for enterprise IT during the coronavirus era.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic rolls on, continually shifting the workplace from cubicles to remote home offices for IT professionals and the like, the hybrid cloud—that is, the combo use of compute and storage services from public cloud providers coupled with private hardware—has perhaps never been more crucial than in it is in present moment. 

To assess how the enterprise is successfully (or not so successfully) embracing the hybrid cloud during these tumultuous times, the global technology services company NTT just released its new study, the “2021 Hybrid Cloud Report,” which highlights how the hybrid cloud is becoming the essential, go-to model for enterprise IT during the coronavirus era.  

The firm surveyed 950 decision leaders across 13 countries, it says, about the recent digital transformation issues that have spiked during these uncertain times. With the hybrid cloud, NTT maintains the technology can help balance a company’s budget amid the workforce issues caused by COVID-19.   

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One key takeaway in the report is that more than 89% of the respondents said that the “pandemic has forced its business to rely on technology more than ever before.” The benefits of the hybrid cloud are already clear: “60.9% of organizations globally are already using, or piloting, hybrid cloud,” NTT says. 

According to the report, the hybrid cloud is the future for IT businesses, with 32.7% of respondents saying they plan to push for this mix solution within 12 to 24 months. 

Among other standouts is that around 93% of executive-level managers “agree technology is their lifeblood and that COVID-19 has caused them to focus on it even more,” with almost 90% of them claiming their companies “are more reliant on technology since the start of the pandemic” and 93.7% of those heading organizations “agree hybrid cloud is critical to meeting their immediate business needs.”     

And, according to the report, the hybrid cloud strategy can’t be wholly effective if the network isn’t designed to match “the needs of modern-day infrastructure, particularly if it was designed and deployed pre-cloud.” One issue, says NTT, is it discovered network performance and the skill set to handle these issues was a major issue when companies were tackling hybrid cloud adoption. In other words, employers are looking for employees with a firm grasp of how to use a hybrid cloud.  

There are more hybrid cloud blockades, according to the survey. For instance, nine out of 10 tech leaders claimed they still have issues with compliance when it comes to the hybrid cloud. What’s more, 46.3% claim difficulties in dealing with data security as being an obstacle taking on this meshing of these IT complexities. 

As the report states, “many companies had embarked on digital transformation journeys, but the pandemic highlighted that many were not as agile as they had previously thought.” Among the issues: Deficiencies in cloud infrastructure, security and network architecture abilities, as well as the problem with adapting and remaining flexible.

“As businesses look to navigate the new year, they must look to hybrid cloud environments that are optimized for agility, security and supported by the right network architecture while also meeting compliance requirements,” Rob Lopez, the executive vice president of intelligent infrastructure at NTT, says. Adding: “This is the foundation upon which cloud is successful and will enable businesses to weather any form of disruption that comes their way.”

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